The Lector CD Player- Opinions?

Though I respect Harry Pearson a great deal, I've heard little else about the Lector player outside the pages of The Absolute Sound.

I'm wondering if any of you may have heard the player- or better still- own it, and can share your opinions.

I don't own one, but was looking for one also. I didn't see the review that you read, but at there are a couple of reviews. They like them a lot!
I think you might be confusing Lector and Vecteur. I checked enjoythemusic and found no Lector reviews but two Vecteur reviews. The Lector is an Italian top-loader that HP raved about a few issues ago. If I'm wrong my apologies.
I saw that Music Direct is selling it. You may want to ask them what they thought of it. I have found most of those guys have good ears. I usually speak with Mark, John, or Bes.
Jond, you are right! Thanks, I just discovered this myself, that's why I came back. My apologies to Danlib1.
I just bought the CDP 05 Lector this week...I listened to both of the Naims and all of the Arcams and this player simply blew everything away...There is a warmth and space with this cd player that is simply incredible. I paid 1995 for mine in New York.
jhorton, I heard the CDP 0.5 in NYC also. How is the build quality on the player? See my post below concerning opinions on the player. A couple of people posted that build quality was an issue. I was intrigued by the sound when I heard it, but the company is not well known to me and I do not want to have a $2K paperweight in a few months. Please post more about this player's build quality and sound. I am looking for a long term player; not a flavor of the month. Thanks.