The Latest in Digital Out for Mobile Devices?

I recently found an unopened Wadia dock in my garage.

It seems I impulsively ordered it when they first came out years ago, but never used it and now see that the Apple connectors have changed?

Could anyone please provide an update for truly digital docks?

Does Wadia still make them for Apple devices? Any others?

I am not an Apple iPhone user or a big user of any mobile device, but would love to know how to get the best sound from these devices.

It one can truly extract digital data from a battery powered device, it should be possible to use it as a decent transport?

Thanks for the latest update on this type of set up.
Astell Kern has a line of hi-rez portable players (AK-100, AK-200, etc.)that can output digital data stream via an 1/8" jack. I know that they will play 24/96 and the newer models play DSD but I'm not sure if they can send that out as digital data. I've only used mine as a portable player of redbook files, which sound just fine but I have not tried it as a transport.

I have just noticed those players in an audio catalogue I received in the mail and they do look very "audiophile" indeed for portable players. Thank you.

Part of my curiosity arises from my interest in helping friends and relatives who (unlike me) use Apple iPhones and iPads.

So wondering what is the latest news on streaming digital data from Apple devices?

Looking at the Wadia site for an update to the old dock that I found, it looks like they might not be making Apple docks any more?
I use a nuforce icon ido to strip the digital signal off my ipod. The ido works great as a headphone amp, preamp or digital output device.
One ido is in the bedroom for headphone listening while a second ido is in the main system with the digital out feeding my dac.
I use an app called USB Audio Player Pro to stream from my Samsung S4 to an iFi Nano iDSD thru USB and in-ear phones for when I'm travelling. Works great from a 64GB SD card.

Eastein, we are getting warmer?!

However, your suggestion seems to work only with

1) iPad and iPad mini? and
2) Powered DAC or powered USB hub?

In any case, it seems this would work with say, an iPad mini into a USB ready DAC such as a Benchmark?

Then, we would only be missing the best protocol for iTunes music files - Apple lossless?

Again, I am actually not an Apple person, but trying to figure this out as I evangelize to friends and relatives so thanks to everyone for ideas.
Cwlondon, The adapter works with iPhones too but the USB DAC must not get power via USB, wall or battery should work just fine. I have been using this setup with a Chord Hugo no problems.
Great- would you also know the best / most "audiophile" set up or protocol in iTunes that would work with this set up?

Is it possible to rip CDs so we could at least be assured of redbook quality? Or would you recommend Apple "lossless" or comparable?

Just doing my bit to try and covert even one or two Apple loyalist friends and relatives into audiophiles....
I'm very satisfied with 25M lossless files and my own lossless files and the sound quality through the Hugo is exceptional. I would expect similar through a Benchmark. Definitely worth checking out a $30 cable and free Tidalhifi trial demo. Give it a try and report back.
Sorry for so many follow on questions, but Googling around it seems this type of set up has not worked for some users and/or some DACs.

This one?

Or this one?
No problem. The lightening cable works with current/newer devices, the other one is for recent about 2 year old devices. If you aren't sure just get both and amazon will let you return the one you don't need. It may be DAC dependent but I have had success with the 2 powered DAC's that I have tried. I would not expect USB powered DAC's to work though.
Thanks Eastein.

OK, so now I have the "Lightning to USB Camera Adapter"because I would like to first try using my own Antelope Zodiac DAC (powered, with USB input) and a new iPad Mini.

Again, I am not an Apple person, so not so familiar with their OS but use the iPad mini mainly to read websites around the house.

But now see that iTunes does not fully install on an iPad?

Rather, you have to use the red icon or music "app"?

Does this limit playback to whatever you might have in an Apple account cloud?

I was hoping to rip WAV files from CDs if possible....

Re Tidalhifi, that looks interesting. A nice simple and clear demonstration of the lossed data!

With the Antelope Zodiac, this was more or less "plug and play".

Now using only "cloud" music from my iTunes account which I assume is < redbook, but delighted to at least get started.

Amazing that that all the Apple guys and the geeks at BestBuy looked at me like I had 17 heads and swore this would never work.

Thank you again.
Glad you got it to work with your DAC. I think the iTunes cloud is 256k, I run lossless files from my Synology network storage, haven't tried WAV but it would probably work, and 320k files from Google music. I now find Tidal lossless to be a great sounding easy and mobile option.