The Last Waltz : The Band

I've wanted to get this CD for sometime after watching it on DVD. I was curious though, what version offers the best sound quality?

There seems to be a 2 disc Remastered [2003] Disc and a 4 Disc Rhino Box set.

Is the quality on par? I'd prefer to buy the 4 disc, but if the 2003 remaster sounds better, I'll opt for that. Older recording scare me quite frankly, although I've heard that the Last Waltz is a great quality recording in general. It certainly brought you closer to the music on the DVD.
I have this title on cd in multiple releases and find the 4 cd box the best sound quality on cd. If you are into vinyl the rhinohandmade vinyl box is outstanding.
I think Robbie Robbertson helped re-master the latest Rhino digital and vinyl efforts. that could be good, or... I enjoy the new vinyl set myself. I forgot to check on the dvd if they edited out the white chunck of coke in Neil Young's nose.
It is also available on DVD-Audio, if that matters to you.
I bought the 4 disc Rhino set today, thanks alot guys, one of the best box sets I've ever bought, and I'm only on Disk 4. Great quality very musical. It's a nice change of pace, I've noticed most of my music is hard edge. Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, even stuff by Bjork, and Massive Attack is a big downer in comparison. I was born in 76' 3months after this concert was orginally recorded. What an era. I wish I could find more of what I've heard back then in todays music. Getting that many stars together in one performance, performing on the same stage at the same time, I don't think it will ever happen again.

Thanks, again for the info, great disc.
I am glad you got the Rhino which is the one I own. I have found that everything that comes out on the Rhino label to be of excellant quality.