the last solution?

I´m looking to move my sondek- ekos- lingo- xv1 (Dynavector) to another thing (could be the last?). I´m considering
- Claearaudio maximun with Da vinci (not the reference) and xv1. the tonearm could be also the Dynavector.
-nottingham Dais (soon will be the substitute that somebody told me sounds like decco with half price) and Da vinci - Dynavector and xv1
Avid with Dynavector and xv1
First of all Da vinci or Dynavector? and second claeraudio or nottinghan analoge? the avid could be cheaper option.
Are theese clearly better than my sondek?
I will agree with all the opinions you can cause is a great money and we are in a high crisis. Thank you very much
Dear Niblick: IMHO your Ekos is a very good tonearm and maybe you have not to change it at least till you try it with the new TT you choose.

About TTs the Acutus or SME 20 like me more than the ones you named it.

Regards and enjoy the music.