The KT120 compared to the 6550C Tubes

I have a ARC Ref 110. I'm thinking about up-grading to the KT120 tubes.
Would the KT120 tubes enhance my amp? thanks Rese59
Hi Rese59
Yes they will. IMHO there is no real downside other than cost. The difference will be noticeable (10% all around except perhaps the treble) but nowhere near as dramatic as the difference between the Ref 110 with KT 120s and the Ref 150 (where Ref 150 is an additional 10% better in low end but easily 20% better in midrange esp regards image palpability which I believe is the Ref 110s weak spot.) . See where I'm going with this? I love to spend other people's money--but I made all of the changes above, Ref 110 with 6550s, then with KT 120s then Ref 150 and this is MHO.
Kt120 is warmer but less detailed. Both good choices but must be system matched. I like the Gold Lion kt88, WC 6550, Tungsol 6550, and EH kt88. I Like JJ in my Quickies. No 1 tube is the best for all amps. PT
Thanks Gpgr4blu, This is my first tube system, which also includes REF 3, preamp and a PH-7 from ARC. just looking to tweak what I have right now and move up to the 5SE, and the REF 150 later.
Thanks Plasmatech, I will look at all the different tubes as I roll them.
Is VTL 6.5 a step above the ARC REF 3?,