The king of preamplifire Angstrom Research

After many preamplifires i'd find the king of its, Angstrom research Reference 2.
it is all tube olso in the separate power supply(22 tubes only in this stage), all hand manufacture with point to point cable, before it i have had Audio research reference 3 but with Angstrom Research preamplifire my sistems will improved to mutch.

My sistems is composed with:

-Accuphase DP67 cd player
-Angstrom Research reference 2 Preamplifire
-Manley 10/240II aplifires
-proac Futur 2
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I saw this preamp in Italy while covering the Milan show for Audiogon. Very well made and very serious design from what I saw.

Would be nice to hear it against my Aesthetix.
Very dangerous calling any component the "King" of its' product type. Color me skeptical here.
I've the preamplifire Angstrom Research model Reference One, it is in one cabinet and not has separate power supply, but i assure that sound in delicius. Before it i'd the convergent ultimate but with the angstrom Preamplifire sunds improved in extra level of resolution and body, now i've more low frequency without change speakers. The construction is perfect, all and manufacture, i've no photo but you can see the link
I'm very satisfacted.
For me at the moment Angstrom Research is the KING of preamplifire!!! I've hear alot of preamp but i assure you that never i'd hear one similar or better of this.