The King Of...

Hey, we all know who's the King of Pop, King of Rock'n'Roll... Who's King of Disco?

I nominate Giorgio Moroder
Disco Stew from the Simpsons!
The first name I thought of was Nile Rodgers. 

It's an interesting question. At least to me, because one could argue that the King of Disco (without a definition of what a "King" would be) may not be a composer, artist, or producer but a DJ. 
Tony Manero from Saturday Night Fever.

You can’t bring up disco without mentioning Donna Summer. Not a king but a queen for sure.
czar-you left off King of the Delta Blues Singers.Also I have some question on King Of Pop.It's a self proclaimed title,that's somewhat akin to giving yourself a nickname.I never felt it worked that way.
If you're discussing disco I dread to think what's in your record collection...
Who Cares?
Disco?'s not really music. 
stevizzy53 posts07-15-2016 8:14amWho Cares?
Disco?'s not really music.

Agree. So what?
Evelyn "Champagne" King?
KC and the Sunshine Band. Yes, it is white mans disco but he had a great run of some actually good funky disco songs.
I'm not sure who the king of disco is but I am really glad they are dead!😎
I am really glad they are dead!😎
Disco? Disco? I saw Donna Sommer live. She was magnificent, elegant, beautiful and totally entertaining. 

OK! Most agree to Donna Summer -- The Disco Queen.
How about Yaz, Yello? Can Boris Blank be a Disco King?
I was in Yello performance live -- PURE NRG!
Sure they had a couple of dance club hits, but that doesn't make Yaz a disco band. While one of my favorite new bands in their day, they only lasted a couple of albums and were never kings of anything. If we want to pigeonhole them to a genre label, wouldn't it be New Wave? With lineage from Depeche Mode to Yaz to Erasure and Alison Moyet's solo stuff, I think of all of those as New Wave and none as disco music. Cheers,
Bee Gees.
The first one to do 16min tracks, the king is Cerrone with "love in c minor", cerrone's paradise",. And  "Supernature" album including "give me love", all  came in 1976-77.
the crusaders "spiral"
and nile rodgers and bernard edwards, of course.

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I kinda have the same feeling between these two giants of disco. Love in C minor is undisputed #1 track, but GM probably did it in much larger quantities of hits.
Now what i like about Cerrone’s 40 & more years career, is that he has been both an avantgardiste and a follower.
His avangardiste work has been and is still sampled left and right.
His work as a "follower" takes yesterday's and today’s dance music sound and adds to it so much better and richer arrangements, especially on drums. Just pick the best tracks of his latest album "red lips", and you will notice the better sound, even if you dislike the genre.
Marc Cerrone is a very cool guy, with his unique drums sound, colors and arrangements. Much like nile rodgers, he’s an awsome dude, and man, what a bio, what an adventure.  Love Cerrone.
Giorgio Moroder
Bee Gees
Donna Summer as a Queen
Frank Farian (the guy behind Boney-M puppets)
Precious Wilson (Eruption) was a real Queen of Torture for my grandma who had to suffer thru my Disco years...

Yello is still my thing when barbecuing and imbibing/lighting a cigar
INFECTION, now you got me scared! I know that I shouldnt but when I do indulge myself with beer/Stoli, should I still listen to my fav Bruckner symphonies? I will try and then report my findings here ;-)