The King Of...

Hey, we all know who's the King of Pop, King of Rock'n'Roll... Who's King of Disco?

I nominate Giorgio Moroder
Disco Stew from the Simpsons!
The first name I thought of was Nile Rodgers. 

It's an interesting question. At least to me, because one could argue that the King of Disco (without a definition of what a "King" would be) may not be a composer, artist, or producer but a DJ. 
Tony Manero from Saturday Night Fever.

You can’t bring up disco without mentioning Donna Summer. Not a king but a queen for sure.
czar-you left off King of the Delta Blues Singers.Also I have some question on King Of Pop.It's a self proclaimed title,that's somewhat akin to giving yourself a nickname.I never felt it worked that way.
If you're discussing disco I dread to think what's in your record collection...
Who Cares?
Disco?'s not really music. 
stevizzy53 posts07-15-2016 8:14amWho Cares?
Disco?'s not really music.

Agree. So what?
Evelyn "Champagne" King?
KC and the Sunshine Band. Yes, it is white mans disco but he had a great run of some actually good funky disco songs.
I'm not sure who the king of disco is but I am really glad they are dead!😎
I am really glad they are dead!😎
Disco? Disco? I saw Donna Sommer live. She was magnificent, elegant, beautiful and totally entertaining. 

OK! Most agree to Donna Summer -- The Disco Queen.
How about Yaz, Yello? Can Boris Blank be a Disco King?
I was in Yello performance live -- PURE NRG!
Sure they had a couple of dance club hits, but that doesn't make Yaz a disco band. While one of my favorite new bands in their day, they only lasted a couple of albums and were never kings of anything. If we want to pigeonhole them to a genre label, wouldn't it be New Wave? With lineage from Depeche Mode to Yaz to Erasure and Alison Moyet's solo stuff, I think of all of those as New Wave and none as disco music. Cheers,
Bee Gees.
The first one to do 16min tracks, the king is Cerrone with "love in c minor", cerrone's paradise",. And  "Supernature" album including "give me love", all  came in 1976-77.
the crusaders "spiral"
and nile rodgers and bernard edwards, of course.

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I kinda have the same feeling between these two giants of disco. Love in C minor is undisputed #1 track, but GM probably did it in much larger quantities of hits.