The Kind Leading the Blind

This is a follow-up on a posting from last night. Herewith, my brief story: I've been a member of Audiogon since 2003. About seven years earlier, I lost my sight to a genetic disease. I've been mostly hesitant to mention my disability in these forums -- even when it might have made sense to do so -- because I had some fear, I guess, of being put into a box, of being thought of as "the blind guy." Little did I know. When I couldn't install an internal phono bboard in a recently purchased integrated amp and had no idea of what to do next, I posted the truth: I'm blind, can't see what I am doing, and need some help. And what happened? The folks who posted were immediately and unimaginably kind and helpful, in a way I found truly touching. (Tell us where you live; one of us must be nearby and can come over to help.) I can see clearly now* that my worries about being pigeonholed were completely unfounded. Instead, folks in this community stepped up, as genuinely caring, kindhearted individuals.
Thank you. All of you. A stubborn, old, blind music-lover couldn't have asked for a better Christmas present.
(And by the way, I got a ride to a local shop this afternoon, where I had the board installed in a jiffy. And the tunes are sounding swell)

*The reference to the song here was intentional -- "I see, said the blind audiophile!" I was thinking of the version by Holly Cole.

-- Howard

I’m still in the ‘legally’ blind section of the fold but moving slowly towards the “… dark end of the street” myself.

By and large I agree this community affords one much by way of interaction without regard to personal challenges. I’ve met many people whom I find now as friends that range across the country, and across borders of countries. The very good ones have not just the common thread of this shared indulgence, but the affability and openness to secure a more solid and lasting bond.

The knowledge base here is deep, broad, and varied, as are it’s constituency. I’ve received much here, and the good by far, outweighs that of the poor.

Glad you found a resolution to your installation dilemma.
Great story, I am disabled but with vision......yesterday when I saw this thread I knoew you would get help. And liking a good joke I couldnt help but think after seeing Jim reply that "wow, the blind leading the blind" which in general is a negative term about stupidity but I thought it was very cool. Yup we can be an odd bunch here but when it comes down to it there are more than a few really decent folks here ready to help. Howard, Jim and everyone else Happy Holidays!

Thanks for the follow up and great ending to a good story. Glad you got the phono section in and can play your vinyl. Enjoy!