The Killer Has Died

Jerry Lee Lewis, at 87


On the way home last night I put in Live at the Star Club and turned it up in his honor.  He was a true original and the last of the Million Dollar quartet; he may have been the last living link to that time and place.  For those who are interested, the Rick Bragg biography is highly recommended.

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Jerry #1 is gone. Both Lee Lewis and #2 Reed totally under represented at the Music Halls of Fame in Cleveland AND Nashville.

Too good for the rooms. Forget the stoopid cancel culture.

Forever remembered for the greatest live R&R album ever - Live At The Star Club, Hamburg with the Nashville Teens, (April 5, ’64) They sounded like they they had been playing together for many gigs but in fact there was no rehearsal. Jerry said "I guess you know all my songs?"

"Yeah" was the answer.

It was wild music banged out early in Jerry’s "wilderness years."

The quote from JLL:

"Oh, man, that was a big monster record" but "the record company never paid me a penny."

RIP Meat Man