The Killer Has Died

Jerry Lee Lewis, at 87


It was a different time, and place. Their marriage was legal, or would've been had he been properly divorced. Nor was the age uncommon in the south at that time. I believe he and Myra were married for 12-13 years.

I can understand why many are conflicted here. Separating "the person" from their cultural contribution is not an easy task. We never feel quite right about being complicit about bad behaviors, regardless of an overwhelming number of positives related to the person.

When the name "Michael Jackson" comes up, my first thought is the evening I saw him perform the Moonwalk on live television. Wow!!! He loved children a little more than he should have, and history will always add this footnote to his resume. I appreciate the incredible talent, inspite of his indiscretions. Does this make me a bad person?