The KEF LS50 price drop has me considering a small system for my office. Suggestions?

I don't pay close attention to the hifi market, but I noticed that the KEF LS50s dropped from $1,500 to $1K.  This has me thinking about adding a small system to my office, a 16' by 12' room with hardwood flooring and a floor to ceiling bookcase (full) on the back wall.  It won'd ever be a treated room.  I'm not talking an end all hifi system, but something fun and digital only.  Here's what I've come up with, but I'd love to hear what others would do.

KEF LS50 on stands
Schiit Vidar amp (maybe two)
Mytek Brooklyn Bridge (preamp/DAC/streamer)

Maybe add a couple small subs, a 12V power supply for the Mytek, and a power conditioner later.  Also considered the Kinki EX-P7 pre and the Border Patrol DAC in place fo the Mytek.  Then I'd need a streamer, so maybe a Bluesond Node 2i.  What are your thoughts?
Bedroom and office systems are a lot of fun. 

Don't know about the rest of your choices, but the small Kef speakers play music. I think you'll enjoy them a lot. Pick your stands carefully ... they make a difference.

That's a good speaker for the money :)
Kpellethead there are some great choices Naim Atom $3300 compact fantatic sound amp dac streamer.

New Nad C568 pre blue os ess sabre dac dirac room correction Nuprime Sta 9 $600 amp fantastic package.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ 

@oregonpapa - leaning towards Sound Anchor stands.  I'll take performance over looks every time.

@audiotroy - have read about the Uniti Atom, but thought the LS50 would respond better to more power.  Will look into that other option.  Appreciate the recommendations.
You could build around the active version of ls50 and  save space and money invested.  
Mapman you are correct but where is the fun in that? 

Also the passives with a seperate amplifier will not pidgeon hole you in having to keep the LS 50, so the OP could if he wants to upgrae to an even better pair of loudspeakers and have real fun outfitting this room with a cool secondary system which may be able to evolve over time.

Dave and Troy
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You mention the Schitt Vidar, I am getting interested in the class A Schitt amp that I understand will be coming out later this year.
I mention the active ls50 option mainly because the ls50 sound seems to vary a lot depending on amp and I read KEF nails that for you with the active version for only ~ 1K more.

I have the passives and have heard them sound meh on some amps and wow on others. Currently using them with Bel Canto ref1000m Class D, a pricier option that seems to work very well.

Then there is the smaller lsx which I have not heard but also read only good things about.

Then there is the new passive R3 that I have heard that seems easier to drive and I would go with personally if no sub involved and not a smaller room.
@jetter - I've been watching the interview videos, but I missed this one.  Sounds interesting.

@mapman - Thank for your response and explanation.  Makes sense.  I'm willing to put the right amp with the LS50 to get the most out of them.  I thought a pair of Vidars would be enough A/B power to make them sing, but haven't read where anyone has tried it.
I owned LS50's for several years wonderful speakers for your room. 
PP EL84 or 6V6 and you have a great match.
I’d say no, not unless you’ve heard them and like them.

Sure they are great speakers, but you should never use a price drop alone as an excuse to pull the trigger.

If I did that I’d end up with a number of ’second’ systems. Err... hang on, come to think of it, I have! Three at the last count, all of them bookshelf based.

So I guess you should just ignore my advice and follow your heart. You can always trade in the KEF’s somewhere down the line if you need.

There’s nothing like having instant music around when you fancy it.

I'd say any good quality amp 80-100w/ch or more won't hurt, robust with good current delivery,  damping factor, not unusually low, should work well.   Does not seem a natural to match with a tube amp but not to say a good one with enough power might not have it's niceties.

I recall teh active ls50s are actually even biamped, which does  not appear possible with the passives, FWIW.   I would not worry about that though with a proper amp in play.  ls50s are a bit on the demanding side though I would say...not just any amp will make them sing.