The Jolida JD100A CD player by today's standards?


I am looking to replace my 18 yr-old CD player. After reading many reviews, the Jolida JD100A is at the top of my list. It's still available new, but it seems to be about 10 yrs old and most reviews are years old (including the ones on Audiogon).

How does it measure up today to new and used players at around 1K?

I value musicality, being able to follow individual lines in quartets, warmth, and being emotionally and intellectually engaged.

I have an LFD integrated LE mk IV and Spendor S100 speakers.


I have an Underwood HiFi modded Level One JD100A and it has always sounded like music to me. I cannot say it is overly warm. Tubed CD players do not necessarily equal warm sound. The player is definitely not cold, sterile or analytical which are at the opposite end of the spectrum. You can email me if you like. I may sell mine.
I sold mine. Stupid. I still miss it. I replaced it with a Njoe Tjoeb from Upscale and still think its a great piece. I still recommend the Jolida but DACs have come a long way and today would put my money into a DAC if the system allows.
Have the Jolida modded by Parts Connexion, still very viable player and not overly warm. Also have the Spendor SP100s, great speaker.
The Jolida 100 is a very musical and warm CDP. That said, it's sonics depend on the tubes you are using; it can help warm up a lean system and take the edge off some CDs or it can be very neutral.
It is not a very detailed CDP, so again rolling the tubes can help; it would need a tube such as a Telefunken, Siemens or Amperex to pull some detail from orchestral or chamber recordings.

As mentioned above, todays DACs are superior, but overall the Jolida provides for some pleasant listening.