The Johnny Cash Show on Get TV

Any fan of American music should take in the old Johnny Cash show weekend evenings. It’s shown on the local Get TV network affiliate here. So many diverse all time greats from various generations and genres performed on Johnny’s show. It’s really something!  Both classic  and classy!  They don’t make ‘em like that anymore! Linda Ronstadt in her prime just wrapped up this evening for example.
The older he got the better he got. One finger was all it took at the end...

Man he is still great to listen to, Mrs Linda, yikes. the bomb. WOW..
Crazy I love it when she sings it... Good little Rocker too..

Johnny is one of those genuine artists who seem to only gain in popularity as time goes on. I was about 8 years old when I discovered him. I was reading some crazy stats the other day on how many millions of hours of JC were streamed this year, in how many dozen countries, Etc. Lots of demons but always a class act and a lover of all kinds of music. Always championed the underdog. One of a kind. “What is Truth?”
Yes mapman!  I have caught some of those shows.   Brings back memories!  The man in Black!
@mapman and @oldhvymec,Please suggest top 10 Johnny Cash albums that are a must have. I have not heard a better story teller than him. I have the 2 CD Esential collection that are in heavy rotation in my system. Itching for more.

So many.....but here’s a good sample at least what I have and can recommend:

Definitely “at Folsom Prison” and “at San Quentin”.
Then “The Legend” box set covers a lot.

“The Johnny Cash TV Show”

“Personal File”: JC and his guitar in your room. 
“The Sun Years”
“American Recordings”
”Aint No Grave”
“Solitary Man”
“Bootleg 4: The Soul of Truth”
“Bootleg 2: From Memphis to Hollywood”