The iRoc.. like the eBunny... still going...


I seldom see iRocs for sale on the 'gon, and hardly ever see them mentioned (except for my references), so iRoc owners... your thoughts and feedback on this magic little box?

I became aware of them through the creator/mfgr of an outstanding audio cable firm.

I have three iRocs, and with the right cabling each is completely compatable and wholly musical with each system each is placed in.

I use MacMinis and the best USB and IC cabling for the DAC to Preamp I can afford (in this case, Ridge Street Audio... not the source of my initial awareness of the iRoc).

The RSA and iRoc seem a natural fit. I have no affiliation with Larry Moore or Robert Schultz (other than being a happy customer)

So let's hear it... I'm interested in your setups and experience with the iRoc!

I own the Ultra Fi Musicstream and also use Ridge Street cables and they are a great match with My Mac Mini system. I would own a iRoc if I never listened to the musicstream but once I heard the Musicstream there was no going back it is a outstanding DAC . I also have a friend with the same setup we both are very impressed with the sound we get from the Ultra Fi /Ridge Street combo both of these gentleman are very talented and passionate about getting the best sound possible. I also think both are advancing the edge of the art in computer audio and cables to the benefit of all music lovers. If hi fi is what you are looking for you have lots of choices but if music is your passion put the products from both of these gentlemen high on you list. Marc a very happy customer and music lover
I too have a Music Stream that I use with my Mac Mini. I upgraded from the iRoc which I still own. When I first got the Music Stream DAC, I noticed a subtle improvement in many areas incluing dynamics and soundstage. Now that the Music Stream has fully settled in the difference is more impressive as the soundstage has broadened and I'm hearing nuances in songs that I've never heard before even after hearing the same song hundreds of times.

The iRoc is still a damn good USB DAC and unmatched at its price level as I've owned or listened to USB DACs costing 2 - 3 times the price and the Ultra Fi USB DACs are the most musical value that I've experienced.

I also use all Ridge Street Audio cables for IC, power and speakers. I can't say enough god things about how the Ridge Street cables improved my system.
I owned the musicstream dac for a while and didn't think it was all that great. I preferred the sound of my mhdt paradisea + to it. Furthermore dealing with Larry Moore was a nightmare. He refused to answer emails and phone calls. I ended up being stuck with a musicstream and lost quite a few dollars selling it used. Larry had agreed to let me try it with return privledges and when I asked to return it he ceased all communication and I've never heard from him since. Also I wasn't all that impressed with the ridge street USB cable either. Different strokes I guess.