The invention of measurements and perception

This is going to be pretty airy-fairy. Sorry.

Let’s talk about how measurements get invented, and how this limits us.

One of the great works of engineering, science, and data is finding signals in the noise. What matters? Why? How much?

My background is in computer science, and a little in electrical engineering. So the question of what to measure to make systems (audio and computer) "better" is always on my mind.

What’s often missing in measurements is "pleasure" or "satisfaction."

I believe in math. I believe in statistics, but I also understand the limitations. That is, we can measure an attribute, like "interrupts per second" or "inflamatory markers" or Total Harmonic Distortion plus noise (THD+N)

However, measuring them, and understanding outcome and desirability are VERY different. Those companies who can do this excel at creating business value. For instance, like it or not, Bose and Harman excel (in their own ways) at finding this out. What some one will pay for, vs. how low a distortion figure is measured is VERY different.

What is my point?

Specs are good, I like specs, I like measurements, and they keep makers from cheating (more or less) but there must be a link between measurements and listener preferences before we can attribute desirability, listener preference, or economic viability.

What is that link? That link is you. That link is you listening in a chair, free of ideas like price, reviews or buzz. That link is you listening for no one but yourself and buying what you want to listen to the most.

Damn! I best put my waders on. It's starten to get Deep.....

Bring your measurement gear! I want to know exactly how deep it gets. 
Brains are vastly more similar than they are different. It’s the individual’s delusional inventions of self that tend to differ more radically.
If you truly believe that so many here suffer from delusions - which are indicators of mental illness - but that you somehow have some special clarity into controversies that evade others because of their illness, then I really can't help you at all. Good luck to you.
Suddenly everybody’s a brain specialist or neuroscientist. What’s up with that? The interaction of the environment with the brain, at far as audiophiles are concerned, anyway, has been thoroughly and sufficiently explained by PWB over the course of the past thirty years. You can throw away all those Psychology Todays and Journals of Hearing Science you’ve been hoarding, guys. And can I suggest a check-up from the neck up? 😛
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