The Infinity IL60s or Vienna Acoustics Beethoven

Grapling w/ the purchase of a new set of IL60s vs a used pair of Beethovens. Any thoughts.....
The Infinity speakers I have heard do not even come close to the Vienna Acoustics. How old are the Beets? So far I have the Beethovens,Bachs,and the Maestro center. I almost bought another pair of Beethovens last week.
I have heard both speakers and if you enjoy quality music listening definitely go with the Vienna's. They are not the best for HT, but would be good if the majority of your listening is 2-channel. Not even a contest between the two the vienna's are AWESOME (very wide, deep soundstage).
I agree with Flemke and Lonch. I own the Beethovens, and though I haven't heard the IL60s, I've never heard any of the Infinity speakers sound anywhere near as good musically as the VA's.