the importance of music in film

I recently saw "Rudderless". I highly recommend this film to all. (A) main theme here was the (music). This music/the song writing, I found to be excellent in every way. It was absolutely amazing IMO.

I watched the credits but cannot remember the songwriters.
Worth checking out in any rate.
I haven't seen "Rudderless" yet, but have it on my list.

A couple of other music themed movies that are very good:

Begin Again

Janie Jones
I agree the music/soundtrack is half the movie for me. I just watched
"Whiplash" last night and the music was fantastic and very well
recorded. I find myself listening to the music and the screen becomes
There are many great artists doing music scores for movies that I think
don't get enough recognition. Mark Isham is one that I find very innovative
in his work.
then u should be listening to the greats such as Korngold, Waxman, Herman and Steiner and numerous others from the golden age of film...
agree with you Theo - I also enjoyed the music of Whiplash esp since I'm much into classic Jazz. The names of those great Jazz artists were mentioned several times in the movie & I knew who they were talking about...
Two of my favorite contemporary film composers are Patrick Doyle and Carter Burwell. Henry Mancini and Dave Grusin a few years before. The movie scores of that group are as individual and influential as any of the characters in their movies, IMO.

It's interesting to hear the efforts of musicians who crossed over to attempt film composition, too. Michael Kamen, Danny Elfman, Ry Cooder, Trevor Rabin, Trent Reznor, and, of course, Randy Newman, for example.
I have some movies I'd only watch or listen for the soundtrack while movies themselves average or worse:

Last Man Standing
In the Name of the Father

There are movies that are superb so the soundtrack doesn't matter at all such as 12 Angry Man

Example of movie perfection and soundtrack is I believe
Once Upon A Time in America (Ennio Morricone)
One of my (and my wife's) all time favorite films is the 1964 French musical "The_Umbrellas_of_Cherbourg". It is the only film I am aware of in which every word is sung, not spoken. The music was composed by Michel Legrand.

-- Al
Al I adore this soundtrack as well!
One of my closest friends, Rob Guillory, does amazing soundtracks. His most recent, Long Distance Revolutionary, is a really adventurous exercise in avant-garde guitar composition. Unfortunately, the movie is hard to watch and many may find it offensive.

Music's great, tho.
Remember Roadhouse? The best part of the film was Jeff Healy. Wow!, what a superb artist who left us too soon.

Watched Whiplash last night, now that's great jazz music!

There are times when music is more important than dialogue; as a matter of fact, no dialogue would be as effective as this music with absolutely no dialogue. There is love, and there is "I will kill for you, I will die for you", kind of love. This particular scene in this movie expresses that kind of love, with absolutely no dialogue, just the music.

Enjoy the music.