The hunt is over

I feel that way. Who else reached the endgame? Feels terrific. 


@zavato you have put together a amazing system. Congratulations on your audio Nirvana! Hope you enjoy that system at least 4-5 hours each day. Love your system pics.

Yes. Feel no need to change anything. Although, I have some tubes in transit to try out. 

Your system looks excellent. I see a lot of taste similarities with my own system.  Enjoy the sound of victory!

@milpai Weekends 4-5 hrs is pretty typical and thank you! This journey started when I discovered the existence of Dual and Thorens turntables and AR speakers in the early 70’s and a few years later I had something beyond an all in one Panasonic system

zavato,  I too love your system. I am happy to report that I too, have reached the point  of great appreciation of what  my system provides for me on a daily basis.

Just keeping aging equipment up to par is enough for me, though I have made some  very nice improvements lately, such as Townshend isolation podiums  and a Herron preamp that has had a transformative  effect on my system.

Enjoy your very fine system, regards,