the hrx format

reference recordings has introduced, recently, a higher resolution format--24 bit/176.4 khz . there are a number of titles available on their website.

since i own the ps audio pwt and pwd, i am able to audition these discs.

i recently received a sampler and upon listening to the disc, i was reminded of the difference in perspective noticeable at different locations in a concert hall, in relationship to the listener and the stage.

i feel that the higher resolution disc is like listening to a live concert near the stage. it's hard to pinpoint the exact row.

if anyone else has auditioned hrx discs, it would be interesting to hear of your experiences.

thanks for your feedback.
They really are terrific. I have all of them.
You owe it to yourself if you have the PSA PW combo and not buying the HRx discs. I usually listened to CDs from FIM which dedicated to audiophiles, which are much better in sound quality than other CDs. But the HRx discs just totally blow the FIM CDs away, let alone all the normal CDs.

Too bad, there are less than 10 titles available I think and I have four of them.

Hope you have invested in the PSA I2S-12 HDMI cable as well. That is the best HDMI cable for the PW combo so far. I have the Wireworld Silver Starlight 5.2 HDMI before and the I2S-12 is much better.

Good luck.
i'm with Dtsag completely.

1) HRx.....outstanding sound.

2) Selection....ridiculus (none existent)

3) PSA I2S-12 is almost a must imho.

while i own ps audio's hdmi silver(i2s), i prefer coax. the hdmi emphasizes the upper midrange/lower treble.

while i can appreciate the hrx, i'm not sure it is better than the fim discs, but rather a different perspective on the music.
I recently checked these on the Reference Recordings website. Sounds interesting. $45 is steep for a recording. Are these worth it? I was considering trying out "Britten's Orchestra". Thanks for any impressions about that one.
i own two samplers and two full-length discs.

i would not say , unequivocally that the hrx discs are superior to the 16 bit versions. one needs to compare them. i also think that the other components in your stereo system are a factor.
Mrtennis- Can you say anything more about how the HRx material sounds? I can't tell if you like the 4 discs or not.
they seem to be more dynamic and in some cases there is a spaciousness that i don't here with many 16 bit discs.