The Hot Dogs. AnyoneKnow?

A friend of mine is trying to find an album from early '70s from a 3-member acoustic rock group named The Hot Dogs. Anyone have input on this?
Biography by Alvaro Neder
The Hot Dogs were Sérgio Hinds' (future O Terço leader) first group, and had Paulo Jobim on the drums. The group was considerably active during the "Jovem Guarda," having its own show on the Rádio Roquette Pinto (the Hot Dogs Show). The Hot Dogs were also hired by Flávio Cavalcanti as a regular supporting band for the Jovem Guarda groups that performed on his TV show. The band became O Terço after being joined by Vinicius Cantuária, when they backed up Ivan Lins in his earliest recordings for the label Forma, becoming a supporting group at Philips during the early '70s.
The Hot Dogs "Say What You Mean" on Ardent Records(1973).It's actually a two piece produced by Terry Manning of Big Star.
WOW! Audiogon folk are amazing! I told my friend that if anyone had his answer it would be someone who enjoys A'Gon.
There's a copy of "Say What You Mean" up for sale on ebay right now. The Hot Dogs
saw them about 3 or 4 times as opening act at some Memphis shows. They are good. Highly recommended.
Yeah...Google's pretty amazing.
I stopped by this thread because I had never heard of them before. I see a couple people have said they are pretty good so I think I will need track down some of their music.