the hole is to small......

Before the wise cracks come.....

I just picked up a Thorens 145 MKII and put on my favorite album Wilco YHF. But the holes are to small for the pole. I could play this on my Pioneer, it fit nice on the pole. But with the Thorens the pole is to big....get me?

Has anyone else had this?

I am checking othe LP's as well for this issue.

Should I just try and make the hole bigger on the LP?

Sand down the pole on the Thorens?


You can take a pencil and insert the point end into the LP hole.When you get to the point where it sticks gently rotate with light pressure expanding the hole.Do this for a few times and check the record on the TT each time.A time or two with the pencil expanding the hole size should do it.Gently is the key word,you do not want to "over enlarge" that hole.Good luck and enjoy!
In the history of turntables and LPs there were apparently two different standards for the diameter of the spindle (not "the pole"). Evidently your Thorens uses the larger of the two possible spindle diameters. As Jazzcourier said, gently expand the hole in the LP with a pencil or any tapered object that works.
I use a small nail file.Just stick it in the hole ,till snug, then gently twist.Works fine.
Thanks everyone!

I just wasn't sure what to do. But I used the pencil far 3 albums have this problem.

My Coltrane/Hartman album does, but with gentle pushing its a nice tight fit. The problem now comes when I flip the LP. It takes a bit to wiggle it off the "spindle".

Thanks again!