The Hifi Pyon Mythology experience. Anyone?

I recently made my 2nd purchase from this company. I had John Park make a subwoofer platform stand for my SVS PB13Ultra(piano gloss black). It was actually part of an experiment that turned into part of Hifi Pyons list of audio/video component tweaks. The end result was the best asthetically made and engineered platform I have seen to date. Everything from resonance control cones and spikes to layers of hand-crafted birchwood. The finnish and the curves even matched my SVS PB13Ultra subwoofer perfectly. Now for sound quality, WOW. Even though it's been only a few weeks in my system the bass control is tight more than ever from the 13.5 inch woofer. The pitch and the bass control is just unbelievable with the platform inserted under my 155 pound beast. I would defenitely recommend this company to anyone and everyone looking for an asthetic upgrade and performance tweek to any speaker,sub,amplifier,pre amp,cd/dvd/blue ray,transport,or conditioner. Quality,craftmanship and engineering is second to none, even prices are equally good with the market these days....AAA+++ for Hifi Pyon..

Regards Bacardi