the Harbeth time has come to my place

Hi guys i am very excited this days cause i am waiting for a brand new pair of Harbeth C 7, also on his way a Luxman 550 A II, that was my gift for my 40th birthday, yes I gave it to myself! i guess some kind of generosity to my ears, after owning several amps and speakers in the past 5 years, I don't know but i have the feeling that something special is coming to my listening room, hopefully satisfaction for a while Cause the upgrade virus cause money spending and long hours of hunting and reading part of the fun too, cant complain.
wondering at what level you listening to yours C7, i dont have stands yet, running out of funds, I spoke today to a wood guy, i emailed some pics from the webs and specif from the harbeth site, havent discuss price yet, wondering what cables are you using, all i own is acoustic Zen Hologram i guess it will do for a while.
any advice highly appreciated!
Happy birthday + enjoy!
Harbeths work very well with the Epos open-frame stands. A lot of people use Skylans, but I found they deadened the sound. IMO. They are indeed something special - if you like Harbeths. Wonderful vocal reproduction at moderate volumes. Not to critical of speaker cable. You might consider picking up some Audience AU24 cable, which is a good match and usually available here for decent prices. Don't cheap out on the stands though. They are important. I wish you hours of musical enjoyment.
I'm running my C7's with Audioquest Rockefeller's and they work well but I'm not so sure I can hear differences between cables. I also have the C7's on Skylan stands. I'd be curious to try them on open stands as Chayro suggested, I'm just not sure how I can do that without spending $500. Maybe I'll keep an eye out for some open stands on the used market. Let us know your opinion of the Luxman 550. You really know how to celebrate your Birthday. Happy Birthday. My 45th is coming up in September and I wanted to get myself a new solid state integrated but I'm going to Rome for 10 days instead.
I suggest you buy the Wayne Taylor stands. Little known, but amazing. Do a google search. I've never done this but I do have a spare pair, if interested.
listening volume levels will depend on room size and specific player which you will be using with these speakers.
Harbeth/luxman cont giving me satisfaction at low vol
to me 8-9.
Very sweet with a midrange to die for, very flexible amp with phono and loudness posibility very important for low vol, certainly Luxman is a good match for harbeth speakers.
The hegel HD11 is a perfect DAC to match it, very revealing that help with the sweet sometimes forgiving sound.
Excellent for vocals and cord instruments, what i noticed is i dont get fatigue of listening like i used too with more revealing forward equipment.
Sorry that i dont have much of an audio language sophistication but i assure you Luxman will be a choice to seriously consider.
Its the sec time i own the 550 A2 go figure.