The guru on fuses:

For two years, I have asked why and how fuses could possibly matter. All I got was arguments of faith, pro or con. I needed a real audio guru who actually knows. Here is a link from John Curl’s discussion on Parasound’s website. He engineered and designed some some great equipment, including some Mark Levinson gear, The Grateful Dead’s 30 plus McIntosh amp powered Wall of Sound, and his admittedly, somewhat price compromised Parasound designs. He discusses the electrical properties of standard fuses, showing how they are compromised. The entire article is quite enlightening, but to skip to the fuse section, go to the bottom half of page 6.

Ok and then there is this bending ..wave the animation it  reminds me of a fuse under power. One of the springy ones will be worse than a solid element. If poorly terminated the wave front will continue to modulate and have a polarity travel back to the launching pad. Like to see how this speaker is terminated. Will the response on the outside of the device be the same as that on the inside..thinking of a Walsh driver. Tom
I have stated on a previous post that Music Direct has a 60 day return policy.
Have you stated that you pay for the post and it must be Fedex or UPS, trackable and insured, and they may charge for re-stocking fee as well.

You may as well keep it, I bet that's what the manufacturers bank on you doing 

That is because you only sort of understand one thing and hence for every problem you swing the hammer. The bending wave speaker creates a pressure (longitudinal) wave, as it must, which means it must move, as a whole, in and out, though less of it moves in and out dependent on frequency.

I have to go with Caykol, what have you been smoking? Fuses dude, fuses.
What I understand is that sound waves just dont leave a surface and propagate into the air. Some of those waves become shear waves and return on the same surface to the point they were generated..same on a cone or flat surface same on a bending wave speaker..the returning wave creates interfering energy. The cures for this relief can generate other negative factors like mass loading the edges or over damping.

Glad I have you thinking and exploring things you never had..
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 A fuze element is continually banged around by ac variation generating shear in the thin walled glass tube and the 2 endcaps. There is no 100% relief for the vibration to exit the casing except when the unit is off or when its resonant operation interfers (bad relief) with the actual stable starting point of any quality audio device the ...power supply. No one wants a low quality power supply especially when the cure is just a phone call away. Tom
Glad I have you thinking and exploring things you never had..

See what Caykol wrote. That is what I am thinking.