The guru on fuses:

For two years, I have asked why and how fuses could possibly matter. All I got was arguments of faith, pro or con. I needed a real audio guru who actually knows. Here is a link from John Curl’s discussion on Parasound’s website. He engineered and designed some some great equipment, including some Mark Levinson gear, The Grateful Dead’s 30 plus McIntosh amp powered Wall of Sound, and his admittedly, somewhat price compromised Parasound designs. He discusses the electrical properties of standard fuses, showing how they are compromised. The entire article is quite enlightening, but to skip to the fuse section, go to the bottom half of page 6.

 Shear waves travel in more than one direction and when they encounter another boundary material they change speed and go in more than one direction again. This repeats until there is no boundary or no motion. Shear in materials is why and how we can tell the difference between brass and lead. Knowing how shear works allows us to design better sounding and more efficient audio products..even the lowly fuse with at least 3 surface boundaries for shear wave resonance to ricochet off. Tom


What have you been smoking ?
What are you talking about ?
What relevance do shear waves have to any electrical characteristics of a fuse ?

Swing that hammer Tom, swing away!

Most people who deal professionally with waves would refer to them as transverse waves but whatever.

Thank you for describing refraction. I am sure no one knows anything about that. However, if you think that shear waves are the only transmission in a solid, of course you would be wrong, and that would apply to lead and brass too.  Breaking the balls playing pool is longitudinal wave transfer, not transverse by the way ... you know compression and decompression. May want to work on your analogies there.

Thinking everything is shear ... is not going to lead to good acoustic products.
Shear wave motion and tranfer is seldom considered in audio design and because it isn't products are left with a less positive outcome than if shear wave dispersion was better understood and applied. Tom  
Sure bud. No one ever considers vibration (transverse wave).  Nope, no driver vendor has ever considered it  You are coming across now like Kenjit..