The guru on fuses:

For two years, I have asked why and how fuses could possibly matter. All I got was arguments of faith, pro or con. I needed a real audio guru who actually knows. Here is a link from John Curl’s discussion on Parasound’s website. He engineered and designed some some great equipment, including some Mark Levinson gear, The Grateful Dead’s 30 plus McIntosh amp powered Wall of Sound, and his admittedly, somewhat price compromised Parasound designs. He discusses the electrical properties of standard fuses, showing how they are compromised. The entire article is quite enlightening, but to skip to the fuse section, go to the bottom half of page 6.

Applying some science from another discipline might be interesting.
If orange or red fuses were described by users as adding brightness or detail, and if blue fuses were described as adding smoothness and “tubey” qualities, then this would add to the arguments of those who shout ‘placebo’ and call for double blind testing. Because sugar pills those colours cause patients to perceive these effects on their senses according to colour. On the other hand, if these effects are not reported, or are reversed, this is evidence for the ‘trust your ears’ community.
Or is the colour effect the other way around...? Ah! The double bluff!
Take a card; take any card. Don’t show me the card, show it to the audience .. look into my eyes, not around the eyes, look into the eyes...
You confuse science and faith. I have no fear of my claims being tested, tested properly that is. I don't need my eyes to hear. Why do you?
Interestingly enough bluemoondriver the fuse types call silver cable bright and copper cable warm ...
Use an RTA and record the difference and post them.

Years ago I experimented with a friends speaker a DQ12 it has a place for 2 fuses. I had only 2 magnets in hand so I only replaced the fuses in 1 speaker. Turning the system on and trying yo hear in stereo both me and my friend had to sit 2/3 off the center axis of the speakers towards the speaker that had fuses so we could hear that DQ12.  Of course this was not left this way. Tom

audio2destroy, there you go again: I confuse nothing just because of your silly premise that I do.

And again, what's with the juvenile challenges signaling fear as the resolving factor? Years of doing this gives one an accurate enough handle on the sound of one's system to the point where they don't need to resort to parlor tricks to ascertain whether they're hallucinating. 

I wish I had come up with this phrase but you're drowning in a reckless, infantile philosophy.

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