The guru on fuses:

For two years, I have asked why and how fuses could possibly matter. All I got was arguments of faith, pro or con. I needed a real audio guru who actually knows. Here is a link from John Curl’s discussion on Parasound’s website. He engineered and designed some some great equipment, including some Mark Levinson gear, The Grateful Dead’s 30 plus McIntosh amp powered Wall of Sound, and his admittedly, somewhat price compromised Parasound designs. He discusses the electrical properties of standard fuses, showing how they are compromised. The entire article is quite enlightening, but to skip to the fuse section, go to the bottom half of page 6.

replace an unstable resonant device a dangle dong contained in a glass straw (description of an AC fuse) with a stable solid directional device
Really!! to which "device" are you referring to, that is "directional" < > in an AC mains voltage path?? A diode?

Cheers George
A magnet has directionality built in and can follow the signal path in a circuit providing another enhancement. Tom
The old Fuse chestnut looms large agin--ha!

I tend to agree with George--the Bussmans/ Littlefuse etc do the job admirably .

The downside to the so called "Audiophile Fuses " that I"ve tried I gather most are Ceramic/composite filled, is they cannot accept the surges from some turn ons even at the correct rating.

Ones I've tried and they've failed more than once 

Synergistic Research--100 % fail rate especially with PSU's worst performers

AMR. Ditto above but easier on the wallet!

Hi Fi Tuning Supreme--50 % Fail rate

Furutech glory be!--100% OK-so far so good anyway.

Yes I feel we psych ourselves up to hear where our dosh has gone
when listening to the "Fuse"

Ah well we maybe are nutters!


Well George, you know I like you, right.. You haven't figured that VAC is doing the Cha Cha Cha, in a direction towards the source and then to a drain or ground. I'm no genius, as you can tell, but isn't that little friggin wire pretty important. Geez.. Think about that. 

It's not just "A"... it's a WHOLE lot more, Everything starts there and it CAN'T start without it... Right?

NO 150.00 is total BS, but as I said, there are some good 6-30.00 fuses that the stupid little wire filament, isn't made out of recycled Bear cans.. OK!!

64 VW vs 2021 VW ok.. different.. better...You got to quit being so friggen hard headed.. The earth is not flat...

I've been to Australia, the earth is round.. :-) Worked right on the Great Barrier Reef in 79.. Plane crash, cleanup.. Boom recovery ships, mechanics mate..1st class

When you replace, with a stable solid directional device, a magnet the increase in performance is incredible.

A magnet has directionality built in and can follow the signal path in a circuit providing another enhancement. Tom

All your answers prove you are delusional about ac mains fuses, especially them being "directional" in an ac mains flow, that "changes it’s direction" 60 x a second (60hz in the US and 50hz in Au) THAT"S WHY IT"S CALLED ALTERNATING CURRENT!!
You would have to pull the fuse in and out at the same rate (60 x a second) and not breaking ac <> flow to hear if were directional, that’s just how delusional you are.