the guess who vs the rock and roll hall of fame

well earlier i posted about the moody blues and got many opinions. most were for inclusion. how about the guess who? my opinion is great songwriting and musicianship/singing. many top 10 songs and most of their classic songs are still fun to listen to. if you had a chance to see the guess who or alice cooper what would the choice be? i vote in. thanks
The Guess Who would be in long before Alice Cooper if it were up to me.
I still don't understand why folks get their knickers in a twist about the RRHOF. Oh well, to each his own.
I agree about the Guess Who. But I think the biggest travesty is not having Chicago in. Granted they have not reased anything of quality since XI but they should be for their music when Terry Kath and Pete Cetera were with them. I have heard that they have been black-balled due to a comment by them early in their career regarding a music review by some "name" reporter.
no nickers twisted. just conversation among fans
I don't pay much attention to the RRHOF (or the Grammys, Emmys, and Oscars). But count me as a big fan of the Guess Who, a creative band in several genres; pop, rock, Canadian-flavored blues. I still enjoy listening to Burton Cummings and the Guess Who. In fact, I've been looking for a copy of "Guess Who #10" for years...can anyone help?

Also enjoy Alice Cooper, at least through "Killer". I think their best guitarist (who joined post-Killer) was Mike Pinera, who should be better known. He also greatly enhanced Iron Butterfly (check out "Metamorphosis") and Blues Image (their "Open" album is still one of my very favorites).

Lastly, I agree that Chicago's single-digit albums were ground-breaking and still remarkable.
When they didn't take the Moody Blues I determined that the RRHOF is a political joke. The Guess Who should be in there as well, but they appear to be basing their decision on something other than talent and contribution to the Rock And Roll Genre. All one man's opinion of course!
Well twist my knickers! Don't know the story of why the Moody Blues are passed over, but they are one of rock's iconic bands, so there's that.
As for the Guess Who, how can they be overlooked? Lots of hits with real hooks, great singer. Maybe this is payback for Burton Cummings solo stuff, specifically that over the top cheeseball "Stand Tall". Just thinking of it makes me feel embarrassed for him.
'all you're feelin' right now, is silly human pride'
They really should be in the hall of fame.One of the things that might not help them was the fact that there was so many different members of the Guess Who through the years.
The Guess Who,Rush,and Heart are three that should be in the hall.
Alice Cooper deserves to be in the hall of fame for sure though.He was very innovative.
If they admit The Guess Who into the RRHOF I guess they'll let anyone in, talent be damned. IMO: The Guess Who were a cheesy act at best. Could never stand them. American Woman blah, blah, blah........give me a break! Kind of bubble gummy in my book.
PS: Same goes for Alice Cooper.
Hey Jaybo: Silly or not -- and no matter how tall I stand (the Dics song by that name being more my speed) -- still It's my pride

(Not, BTW, that I give a "F" about the "RRHOF")
Alice Cooper? Guess Who?

Why stop there?

How about The Archies, David Cassidy, 1910 Fruitgum Company, and Boston?

Let'em all in and make a complete mockery of rock and roll.
I love music from many genres, but to me the RR Hall of Fame is irrelavent.
I agree with Foster9.
What exactly is the criteria for admittance. Doesn't really seem to be any. Pretty much makes the whole thing ludicrous.
Maybe a good idea in the beginning that has unfortunately been diluted into meaninglessness.
How does one think The Archies, or David Cassidy and The Guess Who are comparable and merit the same musical respect? You may dislike them equally but come on now.

yes! burton cummings and randy bachman compared to david cassidy and the archies? that's a good one. ha. and everytime the rock n' hall gets it wrong they honor a musician like tom waits so there is hope.
"Let'em all in and make a complete mockery of rock and roll."

The most sensibly appropriate (albeit unintentionally) suggestion made here yet :-)
Anyone who makes music believes that they are their own hall of fame.
I personally think that the so called 'Hall of Fame' is a load of old bollox.
GB: Agree completely with your second sentence, but as to the first, I think most folks making rock and pop music, at least, know full well they're not worthy of their idols. And to cite the wit and wisdom of the Dictators once again, too many of 'em are just "careering in the industry", or trying to.
Maybe they should hold off on The Guess Who until there's a "Rock and Roll Hall of Mediocrity".
It better be a very large hall!
they're all getting in eventually, since no one really makes any more real rock n roll anymore.
All this talk reminds me of when Kevin Spacey sang on that John Lennon Tribute show. Another great moment in the World of of Lame.
Neither one.
Being a Canadian, I love The Guess Who, just not sure they rate Hall Of Fame honours.
Although with some of the bands that are being inducted, maybe they do.
I like the Guess Who, but I don't think they should be in the RRHOF. I can't stand the song American Women, but I love These Eyes.
With Deep Purple-The Moody Blues-Humble Pie-Uriah Heep and Rush not inducted guess what? No sugar tonight!!!
RRHOF is irrelavent. Induction is the industry's stamp of irrelevance. Next stop, Super Bowl halftime show.
the guess who were incredible.....
A friend of mine emailed exultantly the other day with a news item about how Phil Collins is officially packing it in due to ill health sustained on account of his drumming. My buddy's exact phrase was, "Words cannot describe my hatred for Phil Collins. I hope he dies a slow and painful death". Me, I just can't get that worked up over the guy. (This also gives you some idea about the intellectual maturity of my friends. The man is an architect pushing 50, for crying out loud, but refuses to let go of, or even let mellow, his punk self-identification.) However, Geddy Lee did immediately spring to mind when I thought of what performer I could say that about. Needless to say, neither of them graces my collection or is in my personal HOF. And all my Guess Who is pre-RCA. TEHO...