The Groove Phono Pre-Amp

I have asked this question before and I have seen one or two comments about this phono pre amp in 'Gon....BUT I don't believe anyone has had a solid or conclusive comment on this unit. Some reports from mags (HP...TAS and others) have been stella....but what I would love to hear is comments from one of us who is using (or has heard) this unit at home or in a showroom.

I've had one of these for about a year and a half. It is extremely quiet, very dynamic, and has lots of gain for even very low output MC cartridges. It would be unfair of me to compare it to other phono stages with which I have only passing familiarity, but I can say that it is much better than the Audio Research PH3 SE. It is different than but pretty much the equal of and perhaps better (quieter) than the legendary Magnum Opus phono stage that preceded it in my system - and it is quite small and easy to use. One downside is that it is not user adjustable, so you have to have a pretty good idea of what loading the cartridge you use performs best with and either buy the Groove configured that way or have it adjusted to fit.

I love mine and intend to keep it for a long time.
Tom Evans also makes a great pre-amp called The Vibe. It is a very dynamic ,natural sounding with great bass and treble. The PRAT of this pre is something to hear ,it made my older tube pre lifeless compared to it. If you want to put the life and excitement back into your music this is the way to go. Tom Evans makes great products!
Everything in the review and other comments are quite spot on. I have it for 1 year, and superceeded all others including Vendetta, Krell, Linto, Spectral DMC20, AI M3a, ARC PH3.