The greatest tweak ever?

Is this the greatest tweak ever?

Something in the air.. most extensive A/B test ever? 




All in good fun my friend.  BTW beautiful system and wood shop as well!



Again @ebm with his pearls of wisdom. (humor)

I only posted this because I found it funny and there is no way anyone in their right mind would believe this. This guy is poking fun at the full spectrum of audiophile and reviewers. 

I don't think I misspelled anything here Roxy again humor. 

WTH??? Geez, I posted the whole ad about 10 yrs ago as a joke. That was back when mature people posted here. I’m not sure I want to even be in the company of those who have absolutely NO sense of humor. There are some sick puppies here who get offended Far too easy. I’m offended by YOU. But THAT doesn’t count apparently.

Is there any MODERATOR who will give reason for the removal of a joke?

HOW does the post break either rule?


Hi artemus_5

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2022-07-28 23:11:18 UTC

Alright. Now I’m going to give a TEASE for MY New Product +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ArteTweeks Presents ArtePap...

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@artemus_5 I hear you. If you could not tell this entire video was joke 45 seconds into it you need to un-clutch yourself.