The greatest tweak ever?

Is this the greatest tweak ever?

Something in the air.. most extensive A/B test ever? 



Alright. Now I'm going to give a TEASE for MY New Product


    ArteTweeks Presents ArtePaper

Decades of research has gone into this new breathtaking tweak which opens up the sound stage, and places the instruments in their proper place within the sound stage. There will also be a better isolation between the instruments.
Some have claimed  better frequency extension and a sense of clarity previously unknown.

Scientists have long known that the anus is badly misshaped and deformed after defecation. This is not a permanent deformation. However it does take anywhere from 12 to 16 hrs to  come back into its proper form. At face value, this would not seem to be problematic. However, scientists have recently discovered a link between the deformed anus and the eardrum. It seems that when the anus is in this deformed position, that the eardrum which is a thin membrane , also becomes deformed...


Ok, I am amused and disgusted… well mostly amused.


I have a big HEPA filter down here, maybe that is why my system sounds so good.

An amazing use of science… oh, what science? He means he thought about it. Yeah, that is the same thing.