The gift of music to our children Audiophile style

I was thinking one night about my kids and music. I am very happy to say I passed on the love of music to my teenagers 16 and 19. My Son Alex actually went a step further and is a classical music composer at Yale. My Son has been listening to classic rock and attending rock concerts with me since he was little My daughter Melanie loves the Beatles and we see Ringo almost every year in NYC. My son even had his own vinyl collection. When finances were robust I got them an LP12 with an SME 3012 to use with their Revox receiver and ADS speakers. They have spend many hours listening to my different systems and enjoying music. They have also traveled around the region to pick up or drop off audio equiptment. I have always made all my music systems available to the kids since they were little. While my prized possession is my audio system(s) they are not off limits to the kids and never have been. When my son was little he once turned the volume up too fast and qot quite scared, I did'nt get upset, I just explained how to use the volume control. Luckily no blown tweeters. Now the kids love their I pods and enjoy building a music collection and My son writes some excellent modern classical music. Eveyone makes use of the ipod/Linn classic system connected to the bathroom too. I have to say I get so much pleasure hearing my daughter blast the tunes in the bathroom while singing along. I think its one of the good things I have done and hope to be remembered for that gift.

Congrats on your son's choice of study!

We think alike (I think).

My kids are younger. Both like music, my 13 year old boy classic Rock and my younger girl Hannah Montana, Beatles, and Abba. I showed here how to play "Honey Honey" by Abba on a toy keyboard, and now she doodles around trying to figure out other tunes.

My son is learning to play drums and requests the classic rock station in the car all the time but has no interest in listening to music in the house most of the time. His Xbox resides in my biggest and best listening room. Stereos come second to Xbox, at least so far.

I used to sing (child appropriate) Beatles songs to them before bed when little. I think that helped more than any amp or speakers.

I agree appreciation of music is one of the best gifts a parent can give a child.
My daughter grew up on a heavy dose of classic rock and blues prescribed by Dr. Dad !!! She's 23 now and is a well adjusted,productive member of society !!! Music is the answer, listen and pass it on to the next generation.
My son is 4 1/2 and we just started jamming together on the guitars, he has always been a singer but the guitar stuff is great. He shows my wife how to watch movies with the headphones, how to disable the speakers, etc. He knows what tubes are, and that I think they sound better, better then what he's not quite sure, but hey, he's 4. I have him turn the volume up or down for me all the time, sometimes he turns it up a bit on his own, and then gives me this look when I bust him. I think it's great when your child shows genuine interest in something that means a lot to you. Sounds like it only gets better. I can't wait to get him in the surf too.
I have no children but when I was a kid my parents had the stereo on more than the t.v. I remember an old pioneer turntable, a Marantz 2226 receiver, and some RTR speakers. My brother and I listened contantly to classic rock (it wasn't classic then) and some blues. My bro is all p.c., ipod and I'm a 2 channel system guy. I just recently dug that old Marantz out of the garage in which it has been buried since '87 and cleaned it up for a second system in my bedroom.
Weiserb, nice tale!

My 3 year old daughter just had a week long visit from her four cousins, age 4 yrs to 9 yrs. The cousins are uniformly obsessed with Disney radio; "Hannah Montana" and the like. Their dad explained that this music is so skillfully marketed to kids that I'd soon find myself in a whole new world of music - and not for the better.

I've decided to fight the machine! Now I'm plotting how to create the world's first Todd Rundgren/Lindsey Buckingham obsessed 3 year old.

My parents introduced me to all types of music and good stereo equipment. I carried that on with my kids and now they both enjoy classical, jazz and 80's pop, what they grew up with. My younger son, a 39 yr old neuro psychologist, is starting to build a 2 channel system and I'm getting to help him, does it get any better!! I'm thrilled someone will be listening to classical in the future! My older son loves classical also but currently is so busy, a 41 yr old Orthopedic surgeon, that he won't have a 2 channel system for awhile, but he's starting to talk about it. They both are surfers Mike.
"Now I'm plotting how to create the world's first Todd Rundgren/Lindsey Buckingham obsessed 3 year old."

Go the proven Billy Ray Cyrus route.

Get them a show on Disney Channel as wisecracking parents of Selena Gomez, Demi Lovado, Miley Cyrus and others.
This is absolutely the way to go with the younger generation. My dad had all kinds of speakers around our home, (not good ones unfortunately!)and music played all the time. He gave me my first little record player - remember those white plastic suitcase things with orange turntables - I loved it! We just gave my partner's grandchildren our old stereo consisting of Paradigm Titans and Onkyo equipment and they are loving it - kids are into the Beatles big time. It is a wonderful hobby to pass along!
...My then, at the time 6 & 4 yr old boys, started singing Iron Man...Ozzy style (vinyl LP from the live album) just from having listned to it a few times. Now they are 7 and 5. My 5 yr old now wants me to upload mp3's directly into his fischer price music thingy ranging from mighty mighty bosstones to classical orchestral pieces and a little wiggles thrown in to balance everything out. The 7 yr old asked me for a 5 min lesson on my piano about where the notes were...then 30 min later he had played some very simple sheet music that he had dug out from under the bench. Being musically minded (not a professional musician) I had been taught classical piano from a young age, learned enough guitar to sound like I know what I'm doing (lol), and have ALWAYS played drums...and still do. What Im really hoping for is that my boys establish another side to their already technically minded little brains. Music is a way to express ourselves both emotionally and spiritually. Well...I guess there is always Church right?