The Ghostess with the Mostest...R.I.P.

What a beautiful voice.  R.I.P.  Marni.
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What a beautiful voice. R.I.P. Marni.
+1. Sad news.

Somehow I haven't listened to my Reference Recordings LP of "Marni Nixon sings Gershwin" in quite a few years, but I remember it fondly. I'll be listening to it again soon in her memory.

Best regards,
-- Al
She also did "Marni Nixon Sings Classic Kerns" (RR28) for Reference Recordings.

Just listened to both of them.  Again, what a beautiful voice.
You mean it wasn't Audrey Hepburn's voice singing in My Fair Lady? I always wondered why Natalie Wood didn't put out any albums.

Thanks for posting this @mofimadness 

My education continues... ...and RIP to a very class singer.

She also did "Marni Nixon Sings Classic Kern" (RR28) for Reference Recordings.
Thanks, Mofi.  I don't have that recording, but I just listened on YouTube to her performance from that album of "All The Things You Are."  It's one of the few performances of that classic song I've heard that aren't ruined, IMO, by excessive orchestration and/or overly complex arrangements, or by being excessively "jazzed up," or by being overly embellished in some other way.  And the beauty of her voice is certainly apparent even when heard via YouTube and my computer speakers.

Best regards,
-- Al