The future for a current Squeezebox user

I've been contemplating this question for the past year and a half or so since Logitech has essentially discontinued its Squeezebox line (at least, the Squeezeboxes as I once knew them).

I've been using Squeezeboxes since the pre-Logitech Slim Devices era, about the past decade or so. I have a sophisticated home system using them. I have the Logitech Media Server running on a Linux box running an enterprise-grade Linux distribution, and this houses nearly a terabyte of FLAC files. I have a Transporter connected to my big rig. Four rooms are connected to a Squeezebox Classic, and the guest bedroom and garage have a Squeezebox Radio. All are connected via wired ethernet. And I control them through either a web browser (served by the LMS on the Linux machine) or the Squeezepad iPad application. It's a slick system and works great.

The question is, where do I go from here? I don't feel the need to move on to anything else in the immediate future, but I'm concerned that this may eventually leave me stuck with a dead product line. What other options are presently being developed that might provide a migration strategy? I want to continue using the Linux machine as the music repository, and continue using FLAC as my primary music file format.

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Thanks for the response. Yes, you're right, things do change quickly and therefore I will need to continually reassess the market to see what might be best for eventually replacing my Squeeezebox-based system.

The Bluesound sounds really interesting. It's something to watch, anyway. And I'll have to look into the Auralic, as well, since you say that it can use the LMS.

There are alternatives. Having had Logitec replace my SBT once already, I feel like I am living on borrowed time. But there is the Pogo player/streamers, that you control with a laptop, tablet or smart phone that has music player software (like JRiver) installed on it. But for now, like you, I am keeping my fingers crossed that my SBT outlives me.
headsup: LMS runs on Mac Yosemite, but you need to get the latest "beta" version 7.9 at

My two Logitech Touches sound great (one using internal DAC, one external) and are easy use for internal home purposes, driving a local iTunes database. I love that they can synchronize.

Bluesound is looking VERY interesting but no rush as long as the SB Touches hold up.
Here is another option, but I don't have it available yet because it is under development:

DLNA wired Ethernet renderer with AES, S/PDIF Coax and I2S outputs. This will allow you to stream hi-res up to 24/192 using wired Ethernet and will deliver low-jitter digital to the DAC of your choice.

Availability estimated at Q1 2015.

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