The Front End is Done. Upgrade Speaker Ideas

Okay, it's taken six months to build my system after being out of high-end audio for 15 years. I've upgraded my front end with the following:
Pass Labs X250 amp, Cary SLP-88 Tube Preamp, Music Hall CD 25 as transport with MF A-24 DAC, Project Wood Classic TT with Dynavector 20X High Output MC cartridge, McCormack Micro Phono drive, BPT 2.5 balanced power unit for low power front end, two 20 amp dedicated lines using Virtual Dynamics cryo treated cable, recepticles and breakers tied into a sub-panel from my house main panel. I'm using all Harmonic Technology Truthlink interconnects. I'm using JPS Digital AC powercord for the digital source and HT Fantasy AC 10 for the amp. Also using Synergistic Research Master Coupler cord for the preamp. I have also isolated the TT by mounting it on a dedicated bracket into the wall studs about four feet behind the speakers, which are also two feet from the side walls.

All of this is pushing signal into a pair of Thiel CS-2 speakers. Everything sounds good. And with each step I noticed significant audible improvements. The three greatest differences were heard when I changed the amplifier, upgraded the phono cartridge and added the two 20 amp lines with the BPT unit. While it seems backwards, I'm now ready to upgrade the speakers. Please, please, fellow audiogoners, give me some suggestions for speakers to mate to the above electronics. I'm considering Thiel 2.4s to start, or 3.6s for the added bass response. Also, my local dealer is recommending ML Ascent is. However, I heard they are not very good with hard rock music. Any other suggestions are appreciated.

My musical tastes are varied and eclectic. I listen to everything, except rap and techno/dance/house. I lean more towards jazz for everyday, but I do like to bring down the house with good rock and roll. I find I'm listening to vinyl more than CDs and have started to collect new vinyl, as well as resurrected my old vinyl with a Nitty Gritty record cleaner.
Room size is 12'X14'X9'(H). I have some standing wave issues, but at my typical listening volume level, it doesn't seem to be a big problem. I will deal with it at some point. My room is heavily furnished along the walls wth wood bookcases.
Your speaker suggestions are appreciated.

check these out:
VR4 Gen III's or SE's
Your room size is something i would take in consideration first. Let's face it, it is more small than medium, and large speakers would be just wrong thing to do, for the long term satisfaction! My vote goes for Harbeth Monitor 30.
Hi Nighteyes

I second the above suggestion by Kkursula for the Harbeth.

I have the Compact 7 ES II, however either one whould serve you well. Great speakers.

Whatever your choice good-luck and enjoy.

Proac 2.5

Used Hales T-5's or 8's

Totem Hawks

Joseph 22

You have lots of great options...have fun.
How about trying a pair Eggleston Rosa's? I also listen mostly to vinyl, use Pass electronics and Harmonic Tech. cables. The combo sounds great in my 14'x16' room.
Wilson Sophia's
Unless I missed it in the post you haven't really given us a price range. That being said you have taken great care in setting up your front end and thus want the same care with the speakers, arguably the most important component. The other suggestions above are all very reasonable. Your room is not large but rock will still require some bass. I tend to avoid bookshelves and subwoofers but have heard good reasoning that this is the best way to go. I would prefer a full range box but not too large. The speaker I had in the past was great for jazz and could still rock and mated well with a tube preamp solid state output. It is the piega p8ltd and does come up used for around 5000 usd. The new c8ltd is quite stunning but substantially more expensive new. Though I did not when I bought the speakers, I do now have an affiliation with piega so please take whatever I say with a grain of salt.
I think your on the right track. The Thiel 3.6's might be a bit too much for your rooom, the 2.4's might be just the ticket.