The FM Multiplex Stereo Generator

Hi All,
I have a nice HH Scott 350 A tuner and it’s in need of a multiplex alignment. Yes, the multiplex is a part of the tuner chassis, not a separate. I could send it out and pay around $200.00 to have it aligned but I was wondering about purchasing a generator for my own. I’ve seen them on eBay for a few hundred dollars. At the very least, I could offer it up to my tech and he could do the alignments for me. Is it worth doing? My thought is whether or not I’ll need more than one or two alignments in the tuners lifespan? Anyone savy about multiple generators?
I remember getting tuners in for repair where, what our lecturer termed PHANTHOM DABBLERS, had fiddled with the coils. Man, they were a pain. Anyhow, not sure you're going to get many replies on this one. 
noromance. I sense you're suggesting to send it out to have it aligned. No worries about not getting responses, that happens to me a lot so I'm used to it.
I would recommend using the professional service. Unless, you want to do it yourself, of course!