The first system you had that was "high end/audiophile", by you standards

I did have some others before, but the first system that hooked me on this passion/hobby and would still be pretty good today was:

Stacked Large Walnut Advents, with the top ones upside down so the tweeters were close together,
Yamaha CA-1000 integrated (usually run in the class A mode)
Yamaha top end direct drive turntable (YP-800?) with ADC XLM II cartridge 
Yamaha CT-7000 tuner
Early Monster interconnects and speaker cables 
Advent cassette deck
Teac reel to reel with 10" reels (model ?)

The first thing(s) that were replaced was the Large Advents that gave way to a pair of 
Dahlquist DQ-10.

From that system I have gone on to several others that I have enjoyed, but I do remember that first one.


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This was around 1994-95:
Linn LP12 turntable
Aragon 47K phono preamp
Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 preamp
Dynaco Stereo 70 amp
Vandersteen 1B speakers
Pioneer Elite PD-65 cd player
Kimber Cables
ASC tube traps

One of the best audio synergy I have experienced.  I still remember that system!