The finest upgrade I have come across for a cdp

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I have had capacitor upgrades, upsamplers several brand clocks and this new one the Tetra firma lite clock
from Switzerland it bettered my $2k dac upgrade.My freind has the exact same upgrades on our Monarchy dac 24 .which were very extensive and made a Big difference .He had this board and clock putin from the same technician in Massachusets and I can't believe it is so much more real sounding and I had a audiocom4 clock which is very good
I am in the process of getting mine done in the next few
weeks.This is good for cd players as well as dacs . Terra Firma Player Upgrade Description
You're not wrong there.
Joe did an oppo 980H with the terra firma for me and it smoked my marantze Sa17 out of the box
I've just recieved the oppo bluray level 2 in the last couple of days and it is truely stunning on all formats