The Feelies update

Here's a heads up for Feelies fans. I read an interview today with Glenn Mercer. He has a solo album of instrumentals coming out October 9th called "Incidental Hum". The band has written a new album's worth of songs and is entering the studio next month for a Spring/Summer release. I really enjoyed their last outing "Here Before". In a world of pitch corrected pop drivel, I always appreciate the originality of bands like the Feelies and am glad they are still around.

Thanks for the heads up. Feelies are a top ten all-time band in my book, especially live. I lived in Hoboken during the 1980s and was fortunate enough to see a ton of their shows. I'm looking forward to both the Mercer stuff and the band's spring release. I guess it's been five years or so since "Here Before", so they were just about due.

I hope they tour. Million/Mercer is one of the most creative guitar duos I've ever seen.
Isn't it amazing that some of the underground late 70's (or even earlier!) Bands are still together and producing music? Talk about a labor of love!