Here is an unsolisited, and I hope valuable observation of the external digital clock. I own the Esoteric P-03 D-03 transport/dac combo. I recently purchased the G-0S clock. As good, no, spectacular as this combo is, the G-0S clock made, what I call, a massivly subtly leap foward in it's sonic performance. I contacted several dealers to assertain whether or not power cords made a difference with the clock. Now I do understand that with most components good power cords are essential. Not one of those contacted could give me a difinitive answer concerning this strange animal, the clock. Basically, they all did general thought's kind of talk, clearly not based on experience. By this statement I do not intend to disrespect or show rudeness to our much needed and appreciated dealers, most of whom are under the proverbial gun. ( one must also keep in mind that this is a fairly new component for the home audio system). Hence, I took it upon myself to experiment. Using graduated cords, in this order. Stock, at least it powered it up, then the excellent $50.00 blue cord from GTT audio, MUCH better, then the fantastic Isoclean super focus ($1800.00), extremely good, then I went to the Isoclean supreme focus($4,000.00), astro stellar. (ASTRO STELLAR)? so, I found that power cords do make a significant difference with (digital clocks also). You can go as high as you like, especially with an extreme performance machine like the Esoteric G-0S. And of course, takeing into account the resolution of one's system. To put things into perspective, here is a summary of my system. I use the Magico reference speaker, powered by eight acoustic reality monoblocks, six of them are the Thauma Turge's and one set of Ear 1001's with a special 2.5 upgrade, for the bass. My preamp is the Supratek Sauvignon. This review is not to start a controversy, nor in fighting. But an attempt to address a seldom addressed issue, and in my small way, to help our audio community. HAPPY HOLIDAY'S, AND GOOD ON YA.
How do you like the Magicos? I am interested in them and heard them at CES. I noticed however only one binding post. Do you need to order them differently to be able to bi or multi amp? I would like to play my wavacs and mbls together on them.
I have the large magico reference. If you go to click on the M at bottom right you will see my actual speakers on a pallet in the making. they are 1200lbs each. I am interested in the $280,000.00 horns, if you are interested I will sell you these. Believed by some to be the best speaker on the planet. I had wood strips applied in between the metal strips. quite beautiful. where are you located?
Your system must be over $100K easily and your pre is the $3.5K Sauvignon? Well, that says a lot. Mine is stuck in customs in LA at the moment...
That is how the wonderful supratek is. I know of no pre at any price that is better, except maybe the cabernet. Notice that I said that I know of none better.
Better than the TRL tube preamps or the battery powered preamp? If so how is it better? I'd be interested in knowing since I have been interested in a Supratek, especially one with built in phono.
I'm curious to know how much mopre musical your system became after you added the $13k + $4k clock and cable? Can you quantify that on a 100 scale?

I'm asking as I am also interested in the same Esoteric digital front end combo.
I would say that musicality is not so much the point here, seeing that the p03/d03 is realistic and musical in it's own right, so many things being subjective to so many. Here is where it , the g0s shines imo, spacial cues. It just seem's to set each player and insrument in a real dimensional place.Notice that I said seem's, because it is impossible to know where the acutal setting was. It also gives a more full presence to people and instruments, as if there's a percieved back to them, and a more three dimensional presense to all. I hope that I have contributed positively to your endevour.
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I find it at the least, fascinating to learn that a $200.00 plastic disc can best or at the least equal an highly technical $13,000.00 digital clock from a highly regarded multimillion dollar firm such as Teac. When you think about it, Teac could have saved great sums in research and development cost. Man I could have purchased $12,800.00 in silver disc.My the power of tech. Well we live and learn, albeit at great expense. cheers
Comparing the benefits of an audio mat to an external clock is laugh out loud ridiculous.

John McEnroe would have said, "you can't be serious".
Audiofeil I totally agree with you, and John McEnroe. Shhhhhhh!!
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