The Entire Band Gets Writing Credit

I noticed on their debut album "Van Halen" that the entire band gets writing credits for all their songs, even "Eruption", a guitar solo. Being that song writing royalties can lead to wide disparities in income levels in groups I think it's kind of cool that a group would make the decision that every bandmate shares writing credits regardless of who really "wrote" the song. Compare that to the Rolling Stones where Jagger/Richards wrote every non-cover song the band ever put on record. My question is what other bands do or have done the shared credit thing?
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Genesis all songs listed as Gabriel/Banks/Collins/Rutherford/Hackett
The Doors, of course. The songs on their albums prior to Morrison Hotel are credited to The Doors.
FYI: There are songs written by Nanker Phelge on many of the early Stones LPs. This was a pseudonym used to indicate songs written by the entire Rolling Stones group not just Jagger/Richards.
Tubes108, thanks for the correction about the Rolling Stones. I thought, mistakenly, that Jagger/Richards had a monopoly on Stones credits.
wyman penned 'one' song as well
Reading a book now, "According to the Rolling Stones". The perception that Jagger/Richards had a lock on songwriting credits is certainly warranted and rooted in their history. None the less, as per Ronnie Wood, with a lot of perserverance and diplomacy, it was possible to get writing credit (e.g., "Hey, Negrita", based on Ronnie's recollection). But it wasn't readily granted or easily obtained. Certainly more the exception than the rule.