"The End of The Road"

I've decided that the "End of the Road" for me is:  Legacy Audio Aeris!!!

Nothing I've heard has the resolution, texture and tenor of low bass, mids, and highs, coupled with the soundstage and imaging.

So that's it for me... 

How about you?
What are you driving them with and what is your favorite source?  Thanks in advance.
I’m excited to get to the point of selection by my “end of the road” speakers.

sadly 4-5 years away.

congrats on yours! 
The Aeris are quite special.  I heard them being driven by all Mac top of the line electronics.  Sonic Heaven.
I'll stick with my B&W 804 D3 (for two channel). I've been sniffing around some Klipsch Forte III for HT, but then I learned about the Klipsch Cornwall! Will it never end?!
I’ve said, the end of the road for me was two years ago after I purchased Monitor Audio PL500 II speakers. Although I’ve contemplated several different speakers, I still have them.
They all have their trade offs, partly due to their being an imperfect solution to a problem. Sounds are created by point sources, which is worlds away from dividing a signal into two channels, and then relying on the brain to reassemble.

Aside from that, lifelike texture and dynamics come at the expense of extended frequency response. The ear won’t let you have it both ways. I guess that’s why many audiophiles have more than one rig, myself included.
i am pretty committed to my speaker/ amp combination: Vandersteen 7...so I guess end of the road depends on future upgrades and tweaks...my next focus might be building a dedicated space for music....but I guess I am hoping I am a LONG way from the end of the road....

i agree on owning different gear...and listening to it !!!!
The road never ends until we are gone, it's a journey.
I don't know about you guys, but I plan on living forever.....
Like Gregg Allan sang : “ and the road goes on forever”.....

I keep trying to get off at the next exit but.....
My last end of the road purchase lasted 16 months. A bit short of forever, huh?
End of road ? Invest your money in real estate .Buy a DK amp used Dynaudio  C 1 speakers used Ayre Cd player  Decent cables Kimber or Purist
After 45 years on the merry-go-round I finally settled on Martin Logan 13a, Don Sachs preamp, Krell 575 monoblocks, PS Audio DAC and Memory Player, power cables by Shuyanta and Krell, Liveline interconnects, and mmf 2.2 tt. Finished. 
The end of the road is when you run out of money; until then, there is no end.

Tomic601; it's pretty hard to beat the Vandersteen 7s.  Those speakers are pretty special I have to say. I'm trying very hard to never get to the end of the road.  I'm pretty happy with my system, but one never knows do one?  So, if the opportunity comes and I'm not broke afterwards, who know?  Vandersteen 7s maybe, Martin Logan Neolith or Statement 2s.


bassdude, got to admit,  your choice of Legacy Audio Aeris is a great one. I am a huge Legacy fan, and own 3 sets of their speakers. I have yet found ANY speaker in their price range that can touch them and the Aeris are in a class by them self, ( I'm sure someone will disagree) and one day soon I intend to add a pair to my collection...

Hope you enjoy your Legacy's and congrats on a GREAT speaker....Oh, by the way, what finish did you get...I love their Rosewood finish....
It’s a very long road and you never know what’s going to run across in front of you.  I thought a pair of ML CLX - with a pair of ML Descent I subs was it -  so I threw out the boxes -  

Still very happy with everything I’ve built around these speakers - but I tagged along with a friend to audition a pair PMC MB2SE speakers - and realized I’m not done yet !   We both ended up buying a pair 

ETA is still a few weeks away - but this time I’m keeping the boxes !  

Will likely toy around with triamping and DSP cross over management - should keep me contentu for a couple years 

Must say - I enjoy the journey and if / when it ends - part of the fun will end as well - they say “ a change is as good as a rest”  I guess I must be restless