The end of Audio Intelligent ...

To our good friends and valued customers:

Thank you for your support, encouragement, praise and business. As you know, this began as a project on Audiogon, where 30 or so members beta-tested and then unanimously voted for the AI formulas to be commercially available. Thanks, also, to the professional reviewers, who gave of their time, tried the products and gave very positive reviews: thank you, Arnie Goodman (Audiophile Voice and Elmore Magazine), Michael Fremer (Stereophile), Frank Peraino (Stereo Times, and who gave AI the Stereo Times “Analog Component of the Year Award), and Roger S. Gordon (Positive Review Online).

My wife Lisa and I reached a difficult decision, and decided to close Audio Intelligent. The process of getting the products to you all was very time consuming, and we simply do not have the time to give AI the time it needs and deserves, without short-changing major areas of our lives, such as our employment, giving our 9-year old daughter the time and attention she deserves and needs, maintaining our home and providing assistance Lisa’s mother, Joyce.

Our sincere and heart-felt thanks to you all.

Best regards to all,
Paul and Lisa Frumkin
For Audio Intelligent

Sorry to see you're closing shop, because I've enjoyed using your various products.

I wish you and your family all the very best.

Randy Krelle
Pardon my ignorance but what is Audio Intelligent? It's not that magic chip or the magic clock, is it? If it's not to painful could you elaborate. And regardless of what it was, please accept my condolences on it's closing. No doubt seeing your daughters smile more frequently will make it all worthwhile.
Audio Intelligent will be missed. Good luck, Dave
record cleaning fluid
Paul, you created an excellent product and made it available to the audio community with courtesy and grace. The way you have closed your business evidences that same grace and character. Good luck and best wishes as you focus on those things that have priority for you.

As always, you are a man of integrity, class and with his priorites in order. I truly enjoyed your products and wish you, Lisa, Joyce and your daughter all the best!

Frank Peraino
I wish you would work something out with someone to keep marketing your fluids. Best I have ever used. I can certainly understand and appreciate your need to put family first.
Paul: sorry to hear, but totally understand! I've been totally thrilled with your products and don't look forward to "changing lanes." In fact, I'd be interested in purchasing some leftover inventory, if such exists. In any case, best of luck in your future ventures.
Hi Paul,

I for one will sorely miss your product. It is one of the finest record cleaning fluids on the market. I am sad to see it go. Any chance of getting a final lot?

Kind regards,

Dickson from Hong Kong
Paul: why not a last production batch for audiogon member
with a deadline.
Sorry to hear Paul, I have used your stuff since I got back into analog...but understand completely where your coming from...good luck.

Hi, everyone. Thank you for your very kind postings. Discussions are planned for this weekend regarding potential licensor/licensee arrangements. I'll post here after these discussions. Thanks again for your kind words.

Best regards,
Paul & Lisa Frumkin
for Audio Intelligent
If it helps discussions I would really like to continue to use "Frumkin Juice" and do not want to change. I do, however, strongly support your decision to spend more time with family. Knowing how much you have supported and given to others I really celebrate your choice to spend time with your family.
That sucks!
Thanks for all of your efforts to elevate the quality of our ability to enjoy music. I am sorry to see you not be able to continue a project that you really enjoyed.
Best of Luck and Thanks.
Paul - Always the class act. Let me know when you'll be back in the area - Les
As one of the early "test" folks of the AI solutions, I will miss not only Audio Intelligent but also Paul. You have always been a class act to deal with, and a provider of an excellent product as well.

I hope a potential license arrangement comes about as the AI cleaning fluids should be in the arsenal of every LP lover (and I will be needing refills soon;))

Best of luck to you and you family on whatever road life takes you down...