The end of an affair?

Well, it seems that after 2 years of tubbing it, I've decided to try a solid state pre amp once again. I have to admit, although we've had many of good times(my 2 tubed pre amps and me) I felt the relationships starting to get boring and too comfortable, especially with the last one. I first switched from SS to tube 2 1/2 years ago at the urging of many people, some that I still speak to on this site. Some of you used to say "hey once you go with tubes boy you'll never go back to SS again". I took their adivce and here's where my journey begins. I remember the first tube girlfriend I had. Yeah her name was Rogue. Rouge 66 to be exact. She graced my rack looking all silver and shiny and black and was my first mixed relationship as far as mating tube gear with my solid state gear goes and was really the talk of the house for a while. Unfortunately, I felt that there was something missing. Something I couldn't put my hands on especially while I was being seduced by her lovely midrange and sweet warm tonal presentation. My friends said that I was crazy when I let her go and despite their pleads I did. I moved on to a more neutral partner although she was still tubed, she didn't lay on the syrup as much as Rogue did. Her name was Line 1 from the Sonic Frontier klan. I met her during an Audio convention a couple of years back and her unassuming style and easy going nature made it easy to like her enough to take her home. Once again, everything was fine but something was still missing. She was indeed a very neutral partner and really had no overbearing signature on anything I involved her in. I would ask her do you like Jazz? She would reply "sure, whatever you like". How about some lite classical my dear? Her reply was "if your in the mood so am I". I knew she was a nice lady at heart and was only trying to make our situation work but it was really starting to get on my nerves. Fortunately, I was spared the painful task of breaking up with this model because although she was calm by nature she blue a tube when she saw me eyeing a Pass Alph in a hi end audio store window. That's all she needed to see and insisted that I trade her in and end our relationship on the spot. I'm sure you all would agree that in most cases, breaking up is hard to do but in some cases it's really for the best. Now I find myself wandering the city, checking out all of the Hi-Fi stores and internet chats looking for a new solid state pre amp to date and who knows, maybe hold on to it for a while. However, until then the search will continue....

Pre-less in New York
You, my fickle friend, are simply a slut in the threadbare guise of a romanticist and i find your post distasteful and vulgar and wonder how many other beauties you will destroy with your insatiable recklessness.

I'm so ashamed Kubla. So ashamed!! By the way I have a nice pre amp I'm sizing up. Want me to see if she has a friend?
From one slut to another...yes. Let me know.
Great post. Try the Placette--30 days, no commitment required. Her knobs leave something to be desired, but she'll never lie to you.
Why not go passive (no pun intended) for a while. Hook up a phono w/ some gain for analogue. Gives you time to keep looking while listening to music back home. Passive could be DIY, even.
Good luck!
I say forget about going passive - we're all going passive if we get old enough. flaunt it while you still got it, martice, you fancy-pants french dandy, you!
Sounds like you should be single end triode for a while.
When my SF-Line 1 and I called it quits, I replaced her with a Levinson 380S. Contrary to some people on this site, I prefer to keep the sordid and deeply painful personal filth of my life to myself. So when I say about her that "...parting is such sweet sorrow", you can just call me an incurable romantic and leave it at that.

I jumped right into the Levinson, my wife right beside me, and we have no regrets. When I need some of that sweet tube taste, I listen to a Cary in my home office without my wife but with her full consent. Those of you thinking we are a kinky couple, don't get too image oriented on us; for that we use the Home Theater in the basement. No tubes there.
Martice, I greatly enjoyed your post. Your writing style is at least as good as what I've seen in any current magazine. In fact, I believe that the top half dozen or so posters on this forum could put out a helluva periodical. Don
What can I say? I like my Pre amps cold and dynamic with a powerful bottom end.

I'm such a pig!!!
Martice, what about a shapely midrange, tight & full upper mid, beautiful headroom, and tight, full, effortless bottom end with long and finely-outlined extension?

Wirehead: what are suggesting? That single Martice should get into a tri-some??
Think I meant *threesome* above... whatever (it's late -- excuse).
I would like to try an Alph but I think she's a little too upscale for my wallet. However, I don't mind taking a sloppy second hand used one. As long as she wasn't abused in her last home she has a home in mine.
There, there Martice, your just on the rebound right now. Watch out for those gold diggers. They'll love ya til the money runs out or you work your fingers to the bone day and night just to hear her purr. But you never know whats going to set her off. How 'bout something you could take home to mother. You know, well balanced, bright and just a little on the lean side.
Wirehead, do you have any suggestions?
If I knew the answer I wouldn't be here. But I do believe in synergy, compatibility and long term commitment. Someone who will be reliable through the good times and the bad. But you my friend need to meet as many candidates as possible. Just don't go home with them after your first date. Happy hunting.
Have you thought about trying to patch things up with Line 1? Get 'er enough vintage bottled brews to fill her plate and she just might consider coming back, more eager than ever to please. That is, if you haven't ruined her completely. Tell me she isn't shattered beyond salvage! Not such an angel as her!
Sorry to tell you this Martice, but I had Line 1 before you did. She measures well, but I prefer a girl that is on the edge, not the straight and narrow. So I dumped her too. In the end I went for a pair of girls with big bottles (KT88s) but engage a solid state girl called Placette for the foreplay. No lack of seductive curves in just the right places, and don't listen to that talk that the tubed girls can't work your bottom end.
Matrice, I have to go along with Snooker14. Hava a good long listen to the Levinson 380S. She will take you to places you have never been before. She will bring you back, then take you there again. Good Luck, Doug
Oh well, let me get my best suit on and walk on down to the high class bars where all the high end chicks hang out. Who knows, maybe I can get a Levinson to give me the time of day. I just hope that I don't ruin my relationship like I did with Rogue or Line 1 or pretty soon word is going to get out that I'm a luv'em and leave'em type of guy.

Thanks for the input guys. I'll keep you posted.
Dont do it.Sand amps will drive you crazy.Its like the Beautiful girl with the HIGH PITCHED VOICE.Easy and great to look at but the voice will drive you nuts.Keep us posted.
I am still in Love with my 66,though i might be swayed by a 99.
For a great solid state pre try an awesome Accuphase. Just recently got 'hold of one myself; I must admit that I don't yet know how good it really is. Most every time that I install better cables etc, the rig goes to yet another level.
Martice you're a great writer BTW!