The Electric Recording Co. ... thoughts on a 300 quid LP

I'm not averse to spending good money on rare and collectible vinyl, but 300 quid (or more) on a newly minted reissue? That's a whole lot of cash for 1 disc.
Conventional wisdom would suggest it is not worth it, but after repeated listening of their two new jazz reissues (Tommy Flanagan Trio and Hank Mobley) I would dare to say they are indeed worthwhile. There is meticulous  attention to detail and it is clearly a labor-of-love. I have not heard originals of these LPs, but these reissues do sound marvelous.
The only grumble I have is that some form of box/slipcase would be nice. A thick-card slipcase would make these stand-out on a shelf and keep them pristine. I would be interested to hear other thoughts on these reissues.
At one point I was contemplating purchasing one of these ERC recordings just to have one, but personal circumstances caused me to change my mind.  That being said, I can't think of anything manufactured with the idea of being collectible has actually become collectible.  ie, Beanie Babies. 
Historically, such things have gone up in value over the years.  I would bet on their classical reissues especially going up in price.  Very small pressings from what I have heard.
They press 300 numbered copies and about 25 promo/preview copies. The reason, I am led to believe (and I am not an expert), is that this is the maximum they can press from the Father ... as they do not make Mothers and subsequent stampers (what most records do). The Father is direct from the lacquer (which is destroyed when removing the Father)  - so when all these are pressed they cannot re-press them again without cutting a completely new lacquer. That's what I am think is happening here.
The closer to the Father, the better (in general). Look at prices for, say, A1/B1 matrix (stampers) for The Dark Side Of The Moon's -- these fetch a pretty premium over later stampers (i.e., it is further away from the Mother, and, therefore, Father). Sure, the solid blue triangle label helps make these collectible, but the sound from early and late stampers is very very obvious (and I have tinnitus) :-)
To my ears vinyl from King Super Analogue (now out of business, unfortunately) and Quality Record Pressings from Chad Kassem of Acoustic Sounds is way above my wildest expectations! If I want more, I go to LA opera but with cheap seats or left side of the balcony (under air conditioner) makes me cringe and usually leads to yet another shopping spree. Getting my first D2D LP of Four Seasons this Christmas, but thanks for the tip!!! 
DG has Brahms symphonies under Simon Rattle for $500, D2D!!! My fav composer, but I do not care about SR reading. Good investment, my guess, but I know that I will continue spinning Brahms CDs under Bohm... Please help to decide!!!
This sort of money (GBP300 - USD350/400) starts to stray into master tape territory :)
What's 300 quid when you are are making 4 million quid a month??
Isn't that the target market?...LoL! 
Aren’t the original pressings of the Martzy EMI records much more expensive? I don’t buy any top of the food chain records as an investment. If you watch the market for "rare" records over time, you will see that some stuff commands a big price, then drops. (Not always, but I’m not looking for "blue chip" records, I’m after stuff I ’m interested in musically). Buy it if you want it to listen to it, not because it is an investment.
Is 300 quid a lot of money? Quids don't sound like they are worth very much. I would save the quid, after Brexit you might need it. Of course after a couple years of Trump I am ask to borrow that 300 quid.