The effect of source and external "double DACs"?

Is there an "over-DAC" effect if you connect a source component with integral dac (such as an oppo or Cambridge Audio 851c) to an external dedicated dac?

If an external dedicated dac is used, is it better to have just a simple transport for the source?
There is no "over-dac" effect because if you use the digital output of a cd player is bypasses the internal dac. A cd player can make a perfectly fine transport, a dedicated transport may be better but likely significantly more expensive.
Agree I ahve never heard any such thing as 'double DAC' effect.
I use a bunch of CD players into a DAC without any problems.
And in fact my Sony SCD777ES used as a redbook transport beat the Hell out of a dedicated transport i had..
My Meridian MS600 endpoint up-samples native 44.1 kHz files to 88.2 kHz and applies an apodizing filter before outputting a digital signal via coax S/PDIF to my Simaudio 650D dac. So this is not double dac per se but there is some processing of the digital signal before the final dac processing. Thoughts on this?
If I might add a question of my own:

Would it be totally crazy to A) Run an optical out from a TV (only optical out for digital) to a DAC in order to utilize the coax digital out from the DAC since, in this case, the coax digital cable is much, much higher quality than the optical cable? B) That high quality coax digital cable would would then run into an integrated amp
with a DAC...
Scratch that question: my DAC does not have a digital out.

: (
There are three things you can do to improve TV sound quality:

1) get a good toslink, like:


2) use a Roku 3 to make it a smart TV (to watch Amazon) and add a HDMI audio extractor like:



3) Get an Oppo Blu-ray player to make it a smart TV and watch VUDU movies. Use the coax out or the DAC inside the Oppo

#3 is the best quality. Forget Netflix. Bad video and audio quality on most devices. Use VUDU and Amazon.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Don't you guys love it when a poster asks a question and gets multiple responses but never follows up with a thank you or even another question?

Maybe they propose the question on multiple forums and get their answer elsewhere?

Steve, awesome suggestions. I will look into 2 and 3.