the dreaded breaking of tonearm what?

I just got a new (used) benz micro h2 in the mail and began my first install. Needless to say, didn't go very well. Actually, except for one tonearm wire breaking, it wasn't as bad as I thought.

So, is there anything I can do to salvage it? Or, should I just send it somewhere, or just a new tonearm cable? It's just the stock in the MMF-5, but don't have a budget right now for anything much better.

What would you do?

Good news: even though I only have sound through one channel, it already is an incredible difference. I think I need some extra counterbalance weight, as the force is tough to adjust. But already much better, except for the fact there is no soundstage with one speaker..

you can get a rewire kit pretty cheap and usually it will improve the sound over stock wire. I used the incognito kit to rewire a rb300 arm. The difficult part is soldering the clips.
Is there enough wire to re-solder the clip back on to the original tonearm lead?
Tpsonic...Just was able to pull out a little more of the white cable...there is enough to solder it back...Any tricks, methods, etc?

If you're lucky you can reuse the heat shrink, otherwise get a new piece and slide it up the wire out of the way until you've got things re-soldered.

Try to heat up the clip first since it has more mass than the wire.

You'll probably want to clip an alligator clip to the wire just below where you'll be applying the soldering tool. It will act as a heat source to keep the heat from traveling up the wire and melting more of the insulation.

Then slide the heat shrink over the joint. I've found a hair drier works pretty good with this small of heat shrink.

Had this happen to me several years ago with a MMF-7. I used the opportunity to re-wire the whole arm with better clips and wire. I think I spent about $40 and a couple of hours on a Saturday.
Dan_ed: Where did you get the wire and clips...I'm thinking this might be a good time for me to do the same...

Also, I think i'll be able to use the same heat shrink, that is if I can get it back on the wire...
Sorry to get back to you after the fact.Dan_ed has given you sound advice,
Don't use a lot of will burn the wire - even slightly will change the sound. I'd send it out for Incognito. I did that to my Rega arm when I had it and the difference to stock was very much better.
Michael Percy Audio. They have the clips, heat shrink and lots of wire to choose from. The Litz wire is a bit of a pain to work with and it may not necessarily sound better. But they have a good selection to choose from.
Pablo, what did you do to damage the cable?
I will be installing a new cart pretty soon for first time.
Kind of wanted to know what are the DOs and DON'Ts when installing. Cartridge is Benz Ace. I feel pretty confident I can do it, just wanted to know what I should avoid.
Audphile....It really wasn't too bad. The clip on the white wire was stuck just a bit, and when it finally freed loose, it just shot off and snapped the cable in two. I've heard of people using toothpicks to help loosen them before pulling with the needlenose pliars (make sure it's a fine pair of needle nose). I've heard of others putting some substance on the clip to help loosen it up as well. Just be careful, steady, and just pry the clips off slowly, don't pull. I learned my lesson with the other 3
If you are going to rewire ,I suggest a 24ga or greater solid core wire> 30-35ga would be best/sliver?
Got the connection soldered back just fine, though not the prettiest connection.

I think I'm going to either do a re-wire or look into one over the next couple months...but, for now, I'm happy...Thanks y'all!!
Pablo, thanks for your answer.

How is the Benz sounding?

Enoying it?

I am ordering an Ace Medium to replace my Sumiko Pearl($95) and am expecting an improvement, although I am also about to change the phono stage soon, you know how it goes...

I am loving the Benz...It's smooth, silky, quiet. It's high's and lows reach much higher than the Goldring. The whole entire sound spectrum is a new beast now. It's incredible what a difference it made. I know it's not the best table and arm, but the cart has made me very happy with my setup now. Still need to tweak a bit, but overall, it's magical.
Paul, glad to hear the cartridge did not dissapoint.
Thanks for your thoughts.