The Doors on Vinyl or CD

Has anyone heard the newer Morrison Hotel or LA Woman on the 180 grm german pressings. Acoustic Sounds recommends LA Woman and HI FI plus (english mag) recommends both these recordings on the new German pressings. However,I have heard mixed reviews on these pressings. I already have LA woman on DCC 180 grm and gold CD, actually preferring the CD(believe it or not)and also think my Doors (self-titled/ their first one) on Dcc gold CD is very good. I am looking for anyone who has found any particular vinyl pressing quite good, or any comparisons made between elektra remasters and Steve Hoffmans gold Cds. Thanks in advance and Happy Holidays to all.
I haven't heard the CDs yet, but my early 80s Jap pressings sound pretty good to me.
I actually quite like the rather new remastered redbook CDs.
The LA Woman DVD-A multi-channel is a pretty rough mix. I didn't like it much. Stereo is OK, nothing great.