The Doors DCC Gold vs. remasters..opinions?

Hi all, has anyone compared the new Doors remasters with the old DCC compact gold discs? I have the DCCs and love them, but wonder if the remasters sound better or are just more compressed. Thanks!
i have thew dcc's as well. the new rhino remasters are even better....except for LA Woman which is about the same.
Manzarek is the master of remastering remasters for more $. That said I still bought the remastered versions because they have included missing lyrics such as "she get high" on "Break on Through" etc. I think they sound really good but will keep the DCC versions because they are out of print and still very good because of the quality of disc and processing used.
I think the Doors 40th anniversery re-masters are great. The previous re-masters are good too but the 40th's give a different take from what us oldsters are use to and it sounds great.
How do you guys think these disks your talking about compare to my basic older 2 disk greatest hits.

Am I missing a lot?