The DOORS 45's- Any standouts sound wise?

I have the S/T, Strange Days, and LA Woman. Of the 3, I feel QRP nailed it with Strange Days. I like LA and the S/T very much, but Days stands out IMO. I am curious how others feel, and also want to check out Morrison Hotel and/or Waiting for the Sun. Cheers -Don
I have the entire box and like them all. The best sounding three in my opinion are Strange Days, Morrison Hotel and Soft Parade.
Good deal, thanks Sonofjim. I am looking for a reason to buy Morrison Hotel. I played my RED label MH last night, and it sounds great. Oh- this crazy hobby!
Don't waste your time.
Pony up for an original tan label Elektra copy.
I have the box set too. Morrison Hotel is absolute killer sound wise,The Spy,Indian Summer are so involving now. I haven't listened to the others yet,I have Hoffman's remasters for S/T,Strange Days,Waiting for the Sun and L.A. Woman and I have listened to them in the past. Anxious to see if the 45 of Waiting for the Sun is better than Hoffman's.
Wc65mustang: I thought the FIRST press MH was RED label, which I have. I will double check, maybe I'm wrong. I do think these 45' are excellent, although normally I prefer First Pressings over Newer pressings. Thanks much!

Qdrone: Just what I want to hear, it seems the consensus here and elsewhere,
is that MH is a standout. I just love that record. I hate to say it, but imho, the QRP's are much better than the DCC's. I HAD all the ones you have, except Waiting for the Sun.
You may not have an original MH. Elektra switched from the tan label to red in 1969 and then the butterfly label in 1970 the year MH was released but I'm not sure what month.

To confuse you further Elektra went back to the red label again in 1979.

In any case the 45rpm are inferior to the original pressings.
Interesting- I took my record stores word on this one, as it was labeled first press for $12.00. It's definitely not the later pressing Red Label. I think they changed the Size of the "E" on the later Red labels. I will have do a little shootout. I have First Press TAN Labels on both S/T and Strange Days, which I can compare them to their 45 counterparts. The 45 S/T didn't strike me as revelatory, so I will soon see. QRP (AS) did say the S/T was the only one where first gen master tapes were not available.
That is my memory anyway.
The "E" in 1969 is about 1 1/2" square and in 1979 about 3/4" square.
Those are only estimates; I've never measured.
Also the originals have "1855 Broadway" at the bottom of the label.
Heard there will be a new box set of Three Dog Night on 78 records
Wow, a box set of 78 records.
I didn't realize they recorded that much material.
What's the label Nut Head Audio?
Wc65mustang- Which QRP Doors titles did you compare to their First press counterparts? Cheers -Don
The first 3.
Reissues, seldom if ever, approach originals.
They're a scam and major waste of money given the cost.
I own only a few and sorry I purchased them.
"Reissues, seldom if ever, approach originals."
Wc65mustang- While I don't disagree, I am happy with many of my new pressings. A few that come to mind are Neil Young: Massey Hall, Shelby Lynne: just a little lovin, and Eva Cassidy: Songbird. Cheers -Don
QRP Morison Hotel on the way. Thanks for the discussion so far, and I will report back.